Impact of cuddling and making out with your girlfriend

Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by freejojo, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. freejojo

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    Does cuddling and making out with your girlfriend impact the urges in the long run? In the short term, of course it does. But I need to know long term effects?

    I'm at Hard Mode so I can neither have sex nor masturbate.
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  2. Nugget9

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    You can cuddle and kiss and stay in hard mode, you want to make sure you keep her pleased and work on yourself at the same time. It is hard work but there is nothing easy about beating this addiction. Good luck.
  3. Helpmeout123

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    Just have sex with your girlfriend. It’s real life.
  4. Shy_1990

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    Cuddling and kissing is important in a relationship. It builds connection and is a way to express your feelings.
    Its important to keep your partner feeling good as well. Let her know that your always happy to give her pleasure, even if its not penetrative sex.

    Theres nothing unhealthy about being intimate and sexual with a real woman. Thats how nature intended it and thats what our bodies are really desgined for.
  5. Faceplanter

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    Yes it can make it harder, but in a good way. It builds the connection you want and keeping the hard mode builds the self control you want.

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