Importance of a structured mind and beginning of the day

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    The first part of the day is very important, the state of mind at that moment impacts the remaining part.

    What I recommend for each time after waking up, besides the breathing technique I posted on 29-8-2020, is meditating and making a planning for the day. The latter doesn't have to be very detailed and followed strictly, you can adjust when things change or are delayed. As long as there is a general plan.

    Because that creates order and calmness in the mind, there is little possibility that the chemicals and decision making will derail, and as a result of that become more and more of a chaotic mess.

    I don't agree that you should do the meditating in a specific way, then you're busy trying to keep doing it in that way instead of meditating itself. And then it can become really stressful when not going the way you're trying to meditate.

    What I do is sit somewhere in a comfortable way in which you don't have to move all the time because of pain appearing, and then just don't try to do anything and wait.

    Having order and an overview makes everything go easier, think of each place in the house apart where you could relapse or where something could happen that leads to it. As well as for sessions of edging, searching footage or fantasizing.

    A relapse often happens as a result of coping with something uncomfortable like mental or physical uneasiness. The idea is often that it can be dealt with by edging for a short time.

    Because that isn't a good idea as you all know, include thinking about this scenario when making an overview at the start of the day, and plan to replace it with a better solution.

    For example, when tired from intestinal cramp, don't lay in bed edging, but do very light exercise like walking.
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    I agree a morning routine is beneficial for everyone, however not everyone will benefit from X the same way. Do what works for you, based on your circumstances.

    For example, I don't meditate (yet), however when I wake up the first thing that I do is that I read my identity map.

    This is a Google Document where I visualize (pictures) and read (text) who I want to become in life.

    I've been doing this for a few months now and it completely changed my life.

    This alone has cured me from 80% of the damage Femdom did to my brain and it allowed me to start growing up in an exciting manner. I no longer view being responsible as something that I don't want to do. Instead, I LOVE being responsible for my life.
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