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Importance of consistency

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by futuredentist, May 30, 2021.

  1. futuredentist

    futuredentist Fapstronaut

    Greetings my brothers!

    It is hard for me writing this post right now, but I want to give you an example about how important is keeping your improvement at NoFap and not giving in to pessimistic and bad thoughts that come to your mind.

    I am the author of the thread (CHECK IT IF YOU FEAR THE VENOUS LEAK | NoFap®) which I know gave hope to a lot of fellow Fapstronauts.

    Back then I was sure I didn't have venous leak and it was my lesbian/BDSM porn addiction. Why? After 45 days of no PMO I managed to have a strong erection standing on my legs which was my biggest goal back then.
    What happened after - I relapsed and came back to mediocrity.
    I was a virgin at 20 back then. Here is the rest of the story:

    Autumn 2019 - PMO, anxiety, bad dates and nothing interesting.
    In the winter of 2020 I started a new streak and was sure PMO was my problem.
    On the 7th day I met a very beautiful girl and decided to lose my virginity with her.
    It went very well and on our 4th date we had sex.
    I had no problems getting an erection and fucked her missionary for 30 minutes and I was the happiest boy that afternoon. I knew I had a lot of girls to have sex with after that, but the pandemic situation hit us and I was closed home without sexual contacts PMOing every day all spring/summer. I had another girlfriend but she didn't want to have sex with me, idk why ("It's too early, I am too young, You only want sex...")
    In the autumn we met again(first girl) and had sex but what I noticed was that
    I lost erection when on my legs and my anxiety kicked in again.

    I started PMO again and relapsed many times.

    In the winter of 2021 I made it to 62 days which was great.
    Just thinking about girls gave me boner while standing on my legs but I still have a long way to go.
    Spring 2021 - I had a lot of weekly streaks but nothing serious and I am feeling much better - penile sensitivity came back, some days I have morning wood, but the thought of venous leak is still in my mind, bothering me from time to time.

    I was hardcore lesbian/BDSM porn addict for years.
    I discovered NoFap 2 years ago.
    When I watch porn I can get a 100% erection while sitting on bed without touching my penis.
    I can have sex without pills in missionary/sitting.
    I had several times where I maintained full erection while standing on my legs but I was VERY aroused
    When on NoFap my morning wood returns some days but when I start PMO it fades fast.

    I can't believe how confident I was 2 years ago about being healthy and not having leak, and now I am still unsure, although
    I still believe I have only arousal issues/PIED.

    How could I have sex without pills with leak? Isn't that strange?
    That's why I started a journal in 20-24: (My summer notes | NoFap®) - you can keep in touch, I will upload info about all the stuff.

    My advice: Follow the NoFap lifestyle - everything gets better, but once you turn back to old habits, even your strongest beliefs can turn inside-out and
    what is red may start to appear blue :)
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  2. KarmaisaBi

    KarmaisaBi Fapstronaut

    hello mate
    could u tell me a bit more about that please? was there numbness before the sensitivity coming back? how severe was it ? also how are u doing now? are u able to get an erection by touch alone?
  3. getmydickback

    getmydickback Fapstronaut

    @futuredentist - how is it going now? Did your standing erection resolve? I have the same symptoms as you and afraid of a Venous leak. I know its rare, but it still worries me.

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