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Importance of Discipline

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Deleted Account, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. I've gone through this for the past three years, and only in the past year have I found any sort of discipline, not just in my fight against this addiction but in all forms of life. I started exercising regularly and taking my hobbies like drawing and music more seriously.

    Although my latest in the lines of discipline is my eating, not necessarily what I eat, but when I eat. I know for sure that healthy eating is great and I have being improving my diet, but recently I started intermittent fasting, and the benefits are amazing. I sleep better, I eat less junk food and takeaways and have far more energy than ever. All of these benefits have made me so much more positive, but the most important part is the patience I have l. I want to eat badly some nights, not because i hungry but because its always what I've done, but if its not between 9am and 5pm (recently changed to 8am because of college) then I will not eat, and that discipline has really taught me strength of mind when it comes to fighting urges off.

    I couldn't recommend this more to everyone on here, I have gone leaps and bounds and am now over one month into this fight. I hope this helps some people out there!
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  2. hey @yarnwoodwinds thanks for your insights!

    I am thinking of IF aswell, but I am worried if it might not be suitable for me. What is your Body type? (skinny, chubby,...)
    Because I am pretty Slim, almost no fat and I have a hard time gaining weight. I try to eat as much as I can but I don't really want to eat that much. Yet I am worried that if I don't, I will loose more weight.

    So my fear would be that I loose more weight with IF, and I would be interested the reports of skinny People doing IF.
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  3. Get behind me Satan

    Get behind me Satan Fapstronaut

    Well said. And to add to that, the journey of self-discipline is very long, but the further you get the 'better' you become as a person. Laziness and gluttony have never created a great man.
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  4. Well I'm a slim but toned person, mainly muscle and little fat, always have been because of my metabolism. I haven't done IF for too long but I haven't noticed any significant changes in my weight, as I am still eating my three meals like I used to, I'm just cutting snacking and supper because I'm too full for them between the allowed times.

    I'd say give it a go and just see, wouldn't hurt to try!
  5. Nice! yes, probably I will in the future (for now enough is going on in my life). I will definitely skip my 'late-night-meals' now and only eat from 7am to 6pm (I know it's not IF and I won't be too strict about it, but it might be an improvement already)
  6. Well any step towards it is imporvement, there's nothing I loved more than my bowl of cereal before bed, so I wouldn't begrudge people for not going all out because I don't want to, I just choose to!

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