Importance of groups in recovery

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    Hi guys,
    I felt a need to write and share some ideas. I want to talk about some ideas I learned about from reading for Carl Jung and the subconscious mind.

    First of all, for alcoholics in recovery, there is a program called 12 steps program,where people suffering of same problem get together to share stories/sympathies/problems etc.
    The fascinating thing about 12 steps program is that it works. And lots of people recover from the addiction.
    There is an explanation for this. The collective subconscious, or being a part of group. When we are addicted to substance or behavior, we get isolated from the rest of people who are not addicted. Now gradually we don't have any connection with others. We are even fighting the monstrous habit all alone. Being a part of similar people will reconnect us to the collective subconscious, which means we have a sense of belonging. We now don't feel the same misery we used to when we are alone. This would be a milestone in recovery because addiction was developed in a huge part at the beginning ro relieve misery.

    Thank you.

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