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    I've posted this in reply to someone, but thought that it should have its own post as I believe it could help people with their journey. (Btw Simply advice from personal experience do what you want :D)

    I used a multitude of blocks on my tablet that block one another as well all with impossible to remember passwords and a false security email, these blocks were built up after each slip and give you strength to mentally tell your craving no it's not possible anymore, this is great for the first 30-60 ish days where you can feel the benefits which can act as motivation and set you on the right path improving your life even if you do relapse but then you hit a point where say you find a way around the block now you don't have that safety net and it's very difficult to stop yourself from taking at least a peek at P
    (I've nearly done this 3 times at least but have not reset due to no M or O and using my self control to close the tabs and walk away which is extremely hard to do btw, and gives you the excruciating pain of blue balls)

    That's why from now on I'm not improving my defenses I'm focusing on stopping myself. I advise you do a similar thing because In reality that's the only way you can break the habit permanently.

    Good luck and feel free to comment :)
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