Improve penis wrinkles?

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    This is probably going to sound ridiculous but I thought I should still ask.
    I have noticeable wrinkles on my glans (I'm 19) and I intuitively think I got them through frequent fapping, although there doesn't seem to be scientific evidence for masturbation causing wrinkles. Still I can't help but think frequent irritation must've at least contributed.
    I've been using rejuvenating cream for a while (Man1 Man Oil if anyone wants to check it out) and while I did notice improvements it didn't help the wrinkles. But this was back in the day when I PMO'd a lot (3 days ago).
    Now that I've added this to the mix I wonder if a healthier younger wrinkle free penis could be one of the benefits. If yes then great, more motivation for me. If not, oh well, still plenty of benefits.
    Anyway, I'd be happy to hear from people who have experience with this kind of thing. Cheers.
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    I have never experienced this kind of thing. But as long as it bothers you and you are sick of these wrinkles maybe you should appeal to aesthetic medicine or at least to consult with a doctor about your situation. I think the doctor's advice will be much more useful than the ones received on the forum. Although, I have a friend that also has problems with wrinkles, on his face and he feels uncomfortable about this. So, once a month he goes to Botox Montreal for some procedures that have a good result on his appearance.
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  3. I've always had wrinkles. I never gave it any thought. None of my girlfriends or wife ever said anything or seemed bothered.

    I've just been looking at images of glans, and it seems that wrinkles are pretty common.

    I wouldn't worry about it. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. They might be there for good reason — we have our type of glans for evolutionary purposes, specifically because it was designed to "suck out" the semen from a previous man when having sex with a woman who has recently been impregnated. A smooth glans would be relatively inefficient for this purpose.

    In other words, your glans is normal and correctly formed.
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    I had wanted to start a related post to this actually, so big thanks to you for raising the question. I'm just going to post here instead.
    I have gathered wrinkles on my foreskin on the side where I would usually grip (sorry to have to be graphic here) and two dark 'chafe' marks where the thumb and knuckle usually end up. I think it's pretty clear that its all due to excessive masturbation, the effects of both the friction and stretching of the skin.

    What I want to know is, is there anything I can do about it? I'm hoping that the dark patches will fade after a longer period of abstinence, but the stretch wrinkles I don't know, I'm 33, not sure how well the skin will regain it's elasticity. But I don't want this there as a reminder of so much time misspent.

    Does anyone else have anything like this?
    Are there any other more common products I could use, or 'hacks' that anyone knows of?
    Advice needed.

    gratitude, love and peace x
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  5. I'm 34, my PIED and flatline has given me a numb, shrivelled and wrinkly penis. I hope this isn't permanent though! It used to be big and healthy!
  6. It sounds as though you are using the death grip. When you masturbate (assuming that you aren't doing NoFap), be sure to hold your penis gently and to use plenty of lube. When you have sex, the vagina lubricates itself and holds your penis really softly, so do the same with your hand.
    Many people have reported the same. I certainly had that; my penis shrank so much that it felt as if it were going to disappear! My first hard reboot fixed that, not quite to what it used to be, but close. I'm in the middle of my second hard reboot, and I think that it's back to normal size now.
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  7. Good to hear! I'm really worried it's gone for good...I'm only 34, and before Nov 2018 I had a rock hard on demand cock! Now it's like on and off 70% boners, I feel like an 80 year old.
    Don't mind if I DM you do you? Curious to chat to an older guy about it.
  8. Yes, it's fine, I don't mind, but why not post here so that everyone can see? My access to this forum is quite erratic, so don't worry if I take a long time to answer.
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  9. Ok cool, I just wondered what erections and stuff are like at 60? Iv been getting depressed at 34, in and out of flatline, wondering if my sex life is over and if my dick will recover? Is there any hope for my little fella to be himself again?
  10. Well, at my age, there are medications that interfere. Illness is also harder to overcome, so tiredness can be a factor. Keeping fit is absolutely vital!

    Erections need not be a problem. Every significant problem that I've had has boiled down to PMO. Minor difficulties are due to medication, some of which is due to age and genetics, and some of which due to side effects of trauma.

    In other words, what I'm saying to you is, "Keep fit. Eat well. Have regular therapy. Know yourself."
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  11. Thank you! I think it's definitely PMO. My doctor's own words when he did full medicals on me were everything is 'working like clockwork' so I think it's a combo of PIED and anxiety that sometimes hinders me. Thank you though, you give me hope!
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    Hey how are u doing now. I am dealing with chafed penis
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    Listen I have no idea what this thread is actually about and honestly I don't care, but I want to pop in just to say that is a god-tier thread title - bravo.
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