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  1. josebell

    josebell Fapstronaut

    what is the average time duration taken to improve mens sexual health ?
    and how true is this sex drive can be improve faster by pills like kamagra 100mg, tadalise, etc.., etc and not by natural exercise or yoga ?
  2. helpfuldude

    helpfuldude Fapstronaut

    It is different for everyone. Pills help the erection, no doubt. Cardio, weight lifting, stretching, eating healthy, sleeping enough also help.
  3. sfmark12

    sfmark12 Fapstronaut

    Your diet also helps with improving your sex drive.
    Consume less sugar foods
    Lower your cholesterol
    No fatty foods.
  4. anthonybackus

    anthonybackus Fapstronaut

    There are certain home remedies to improve the sexual drive

    to boost your libido

    there is always a natural approach

    try eating certain fruits

    Eat good quality chocolate

    Take your daily herbs
    Garlic contains high level of allicin and increases blood flow

    boost the self confidence
    The way you feel about your body can have immense difference while doing the foreplay

    take time to meditate and relieve stress

    get plenty of sleep
    hectic lifestyle dont always get plenty of sleep

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