Improving concentration how?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by SoOut, Jul 30, 2021.

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    I need to find new hobbies. Like learning to play an instrument or something. But concentrating and not going back to old habits is a struggle these days and I guess learning something new is not easy when it takes me twelve minutes to type three fairly coherent sentences.
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    Maybe your concentration is damaged by PMO. My capacity to focus is improving so much since I started nofap in June, even though I've been relapsing many times. Just diminishing PMO is a great boost.

    My personal tips for improving concentration are:
    • Remove distractions (i.e. if you're gonna focus on work, put your cellphone in another room).
    • Avoid social media that destroys the capacity to concentrate (i.e. stay away or delete the apps of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).
    • Use the Pomodoro technique (put a reminder of 20-60 minutes to work on something and promise to not do anything else during that time regardless of what happens).
    • Cultivate: do things that require concentration: reading, writing, drawing, classical chess games (no blitz, bullet)... Pick what you like.
    • You can also use caffeine, cinnamon, dark chocolate... for a temporary boots.
    • And most important: stay away from porn
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    I think today's world has generally suffered when it comes to attention span/concentration so you're not alone. The person above already gave good tips so I won't repeat them but in addition I will say:
    • Practice makes perfect. Exercise your ability to focus on one task/one thing at a time and over time this becomes easier. Multitasking is just doing this but too fast for your focus to actually hold onto something so don't bother.
    • Stay hydrated and try not to eat junk when attempting to focus on something. Try to stick to nuts, fruits, dark chocolate, etc. The brain is the most metabolically demanding organ in our body and it needs to be nourished.
    • Prioritize sleep. I'd check out this book summary of why we sleep by matthew walker if you struggle with that.
    • Experiment with pomodoro/time blocking. Everyone has a different cap limit of focus and yours may be higher or lower than the standard 25 minutes. Some people even opt for longer sessions of work so they can watch anime during their breaks, or whatever longer activity you want to do.
    • Be wary of toxic productivity. You're only human, and its okay for focus to falter every once in a while so be compassionate and patient with yourself.
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