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    April 1 - April Fool's Day. A perfect day. Manifested a message from my crush. A day that gave me the MOST amazing feeling -- a feeling as if my dream came true -- a feeling that I hadn't experienced since 2017!
    If you head on to my "Thread" sections, you'd find a thread where I described who SHE is.
    To put it in a nutshell, I had been putting stories solely for her after customizing on Facebook since March 7/8. Those stories used to revolve around my life. But being an overweight guy, never dared to post my picture. Prayed to God everyday for her reply to come through just once because I was afraid of texting her first in the fear of posing myself as a creep/stalker. There were days when she used to complete IGNORE my stories and those days man.. were damn painful.
    I was on the verge of giving up until an idea popped up. Already had my birthday hidden on FB and April Fool's Day came as a perfect opportunity. Faked that my birthday falls on April 1 and finally after so much waiting, there it was.. my dream. "Happy Birthday" her message read with a virtual rose. Man, I can't tell you how much overjoyed I was, just indescribable in words. Told her that I was joking on the occasion of April Fool's Day.

    A convo ensued. She was surprised that I KNEW HER. Her words, "Oh Wow I thought you'd say you don't remember me hahaha."
    Well, I guess that was the privilege of being a school topper back in 2017 or perhaps, for always being in good books of the teachers. WE WENT IN THE SAME SCHOOL, DIFFERENT SECTIONS BUT SAME STANDARDS.
    We talked for few days and then SHE STARTED PUTTING STORIES ON HER FACEBOOK. I complimented her everytime. There came a gap of 1 week. Again, I had put a story and so she did. I was in awe that A GIRL WHO HADN'T PUT A STORY FOR PAST 6 MONTHS suddenly switched her mind? Man, I was falling head over heels at this point. I did post my pictures as well. Don't know if she liked it or not though. But became CURIOUS. Started interrogating about my daily life. Earlier, only I used to ask!

    1. She has never dated (her parents may not even allow).
    2. Her parents are EXTREMELY STRICT.
    3. She barely socializes.
    4. Used to actively, I mean everyday, update her Instagram Profile Pictures.
    5. Has over 800 impending follow requests on Instagram. Allowed only 139 people.
    6. Spends her day either inside hostel or her house.
    7. Has several acquaintances but only 4 "trustworthy" friends outta which she trusts a guy called "S" the most whom she irritates a lot. And laughs with, a lot.
    8. Appreciates good literature (I scored 100/100 here).
    9. She was fascinated by the way I used to hold convo.
    10. WhatsApp > Instagram > Snapchat > FB : Her Preferences.
    11. Told me that she's NOT crushing on anyone upon asking.
    12. Wants a guy who would made her feel like no other like she's the BEST.
    13. Self obsessed. Obsessed with her face so much that she has atttached her self-esteem with her face.
    14. Always likes to stay in her comfort zone.
    15. Has a painful past where her 3 BEST FRIENDS ditched her. They were together for 3 years. From there on, she decided that she'd call ONLY HER MAN - HER BEST FRIEND.
    16. I have a good amount of followers on Twitter, she was the first to ask my Twitter. I'm her only follower on Twitter. Her Twitter was dead until she came to know about mine. I have few celebs following me over, including some tweets from celebs, she was impressed BEYOND WORDS.
    17. DIDN'T ASK ABOUT MY INSTAGRAM THOUGH!! I barely have 52 followers, my Insta is DEAD.
    18. She never initiates. (Did on 2-3 occasions with me though).
    19. Doesn't have an AIM. She just desires to get educational degrees and MARRIAGE.

    April 22. Her reply delayed by over 12 hours. Being an impatient guy, I rebuked. Had a huge fight as I WAS PISSED OFF that she pulled out the VICTIM CARD. SENT ME OVER 22 MESSAGES IN ONE GO! That came outta insecurity that she had developed from her past trauma. I FELT IT.
    It all happened because I had said, "All the best for your future endeavors." She did the same but one hour later came her reply, "You don't even know what I'm upto and how easy it is for you to say I'm ignoring you." She became emotional.
    Though with logical approach, made her understand where she went wrong as she said, "Nobody has said such things to me before." She apologized repeatedly. I did too for being impatient.
    She was overjoyed that we sorted things out and I COMMITTED A MISTAKE. Said, "You can rely on me. I can sit with you through your darkest times." -- The NICE GUY. Didn't even know. Regardless, she was thankful and started asking me about my day.

    April 26 - THE END
    Was just another day. Another opportunity to have a convo. We did so. That day though, I became all about myself. At the end, I sensed that convo was FORCED. For the first time, I felt she was bored. I had said, I would find out her parents names & occupation (JUST LIVES HALF A KM AWAY FROM MY HOUSE) to which she replied, "Do tell me."
    I did. The exact same day found it out. BUT! BUT! BUT! I sensed our convo was forced so waited for her to come around as she did previously. SHE DIDN'T! I repeat, SHE DIDN'T!
    I ignored it for few days till May 10, 2020. I broke down. Had severe, extremely severe breakdowns since. I had become emotionally vulnerable to her (Have never felt such a strong connection with anyone). First love. Had only seen her in school back then but never exchanged words. She wasn't pretty at all back then. I was amazed to see the transformation, not gonna lie.
    Man, currently, weeping my tears as I wrote this down. I HAVEN'T SHARED THIS WITH ANYONE. I'll continue with a second post regarding THE AFTERMATH & MY TAKE.
    Until then, my dear Fapstronauts, please give it a read. Have put all my heart into this..
    Regards and Love.
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    She put herself in your orbit. Basically she showed interest in you.
    She probably had a crush on you back then or at least she notice you more than you notice her.
    She never initiates with guys she is not interested. When she is interested she initiates. Always see what they do and not what they say.
    You failed the test.. always wait until she responds. If she never response she is not into talking to you.. move on. but if you wait you show her you have self control and that make her comfortable.
    You were totally out of place, she have no obligations to answer your messages fast or respond at all. You attacked her and she reacted obviously, she felt uncomfortable with you. The only insecure person here is you when you couldn't wait until she responded because you feared she didn't respond.
    Out of feat that she dump you, you dump her first. She is basically telling you, you are not listening her. Woman are emotional beens and the only way to understand them for as man is to put our-self in their feet and understand what they are feeling.
    That's a hug mistake.. as man are logical, woman are emotional. She can say that she understand you but at the end of the conversation you didn't understood her feelings and that is what she is going to remember. Next time she feels the same way she is going to remind you this argument you had.
    Totally! that was a hugh one. You though you solved the issue, but she just go along with it. In her view you never understood her point of view so in her eyes the problem is not solved.. so because she didn't want to fight anymore she changed the subject. At this point.. her interest in you was a lot lower than when you started talking.
    When a girl looses interest, she is no longer eager to talk to you, so she is not making the effort to keep the conversation going. Conversation turns to be one-sided, you making the effort and that is bore as f*k.
    Totally predictable, she loose all interest in you. She is not going to put any effort to talk to you. At this point is probable she is not going to start a conversation either. She hopes that you figure out that she is fading away and stop talking to her.
    Come on man! you never speak to her in person and you already were in love?? You put her in a pedestal just because she is pretty and was interested to know you.
    It really hurts when we have a chance with our crush and we f*k it up. It happened to all of us! use all this pain and transform it in motivation to learn how to properly seduce a woman. if not.. you are going to f*k things up like this one with your next crush and like this one you are not going to know what went wrong.

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