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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by HERK, Sep 19, 2019.

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    What the fucking hell is this shity life, why is it so fucking hard to just be okay and have justice , is this too much to ask for. I just want justice for Gods sake,i feel like God has a grudge against me for no reason. I constantly feel bad , have no energy and have bad things happen to me constantly, i am thankful for not having a disease or being handicapped but what is this dark energy around me???

    I respect everybody , i haven't hurt anyone in my life , when i talk i talk politely to others , never stole anything in my life , respected the old people , respected the young, never damaged the public good yet the universe has a huge grudge on me.

    I just want to have a job and feel normal . I see evil and ugly pieces of shit with beautiful girlfriends that are enjoying life yet they're liers , crooks and profiteers. I meet with someone and they instantly try their games on me , they want my money , my services or anything they can get for free , humans seem like piranhas that want to eat your flesh.

    Why is God tempting me so hard to be bad and evil , i am certain that if i become a douchebag succes and fortune will come by but i just can't digest that.

    Sorry guys i had to vent.
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    Behaving like a "good" person doesn't mean you're entitled to anything. Being a good person for the sake of getting something in return doesn't make you a good person.

    "I do this good thing, so I deserve this good thing" is an invisible contract that you've created and whenever it isn't fulfilled you resort to feeling like a victim.

    Being bitter about the success of others is focusing on being a victim rather than figuring out your own life.

    Becoming a "bad" person doesn't guarantee your success either. Go ahead and try. Experience those consequences.

    If you want something in life, work towards it rather than waiting for life / god to hand it to you or blaming other people for your lack of success. Anything else is just wasted energy and self sabotage as a means to procrastinate or avoid working towards your desired life.
  3. The Consigliere

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    So I'm going to get a bit religious here. It's not God tempting you to be evil and vile. It's the Devil. Because even both the Devil and God both knows it's easy, only God will back you if you move forward on a path where you treat yourself and others in a positive manner.

    Focus on yourself and God. Improve yourself and become a better person. Not for Jane or Joe. Sally or Moe. But for yourself. You're filled with all this negative energy because others have it better than you? Well I'll tell you this... everyone has skeletons in their closet. Not just you.

    I think you need to worry a bit less about others and more about yourself. You'd be surprised how much time you spend wondering how "great" others have when you barely spent time wondering why things aren't great in your life.

    It's time to look inside.
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    Wow. What a crybaby.
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  5. Good vent man.

    Not much logic in it but it’s good to get it out for sure.
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    I do good things for free and i don't expect good things in return for what i do but this doesn't mean that i don't deserve good things happening to me, the problems come when bad things happen to you and you feel betrayed and left behind.

    I guarantee you this life has "special advantage packs" for bad people.
    I am more than sure this universe is a nasty and vile place , there are humans that went through tremendous terror that you can't even imagine just to fulfill the dreams of the evil, this universe constantly asks for sacrifice , pain and horror so it can unleash a little joy and succes for the few who are willing to do the dirty work. The good have always been left behind , they are weak , cowards and boring . It is like a mad wolf looking for blood on all corners of the world, he doesn't like happiness or joy randomly happening around , everything must be paid in full, he sees that you have laughed more than you should and you will be hit with a disease or a misfortune.
    Lead humans towards degeneracy, pain, suffering and you are going to have huge benefits in this life, the mad wolf will make sure you are happy for some time.
  7. The Consigliere

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    That's a very nihilistic and pessimistic view of the world. I personally disagree with that and I'll explain why.

    Every religion and many fables/folklore have different explanations of it. But my idea is that the universe gives you back what you put out. Not just you, but everyone else. If people are going to be bad and ugly, then I assure you their actions will come back to them some way or another. And it won't be positive. Maybe things may work out for that person in the short term. But not in the long term.

    These people that you find have "special advantage perks" have their own skeletons in the closet just like you. So you and I are no different in that aspect. It just comes down to where you put your energy. Whether it's toward positivity or negativity. Us humans are at constant war with ourselves. That's how it's supposed to be. Life isn't supposed to be easy. But fighting and living for what makes you happy is the endgame, my friend. Focus on that.
  8. Dimmed_haze

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    "I respect everybody , i haven't hurt anyone in my life , when i talk i talk politely to others , never stole anything in my life , respected the old people , respected the young, never damaged the public good yet the universe has a huge grudge on me."

    It took me a long time to realize that being "good" is counterintuitive. I used to be the nice guy. When my friends would introduce me to another, they'd often start off with; "Oh hey, he's Dimmed Haze, he's the NICEST guy I know!" And I'd take it as a positive.

    Now years later, similar to you, I've been kicked down, made fun of and used. I know what it's like to be "good", but being indifferent or sometimes even "bad" has helped me more in these few years than being nice ever has. Don't be good to people, they have to earn it from you before you give it to them, otherwise you're inflating your value.

    Good guys finish last. You don't catch more bees with honeys. Especially in this greedy fake society filled with social media. Most people will try to change you. They'll try to use you and they'll mold you into their image. Step out of line, and they'll hate you, even family. Don't be nice, because good is taken for weakness in this sick world of today. If a dog shows you its teeth and starts growling, you're less likely to mess with it. If it was silent and good, you'd take it as a harmless animal. Humans

    I respect your values though.

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