In A World Where the Internet Is Always Used, How Am I Supposed to Be On NoFap?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Burgundy_Outlier, May 21, 2019.

  1. Burgundy_Outlier

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    I did my presentation in class today. I chose myself to be first so I wouldn't slack off. And in full out honestly, not gonna brag, I think I had the best presentation out of the entire class, and nearly all of my mates agree with me. It was a really good presentation.

    Then it hit me, because I relapsed yesterday (and today. Lord forgive me.) :(

    I spend all my time, productively and recreationally, all on the Internet. Schools have taught us about emphasizing the amazingness of the internet, and I definitely have seen it.

    Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Youtube, Wikipedia, Netflix. Instagram. Pinterest.The Dinosaur T-Rex game when you're not connected to WiFi on Google Chrome.

    We all have an internet addiction, and it just makes me mad and depressed that even though I'm doing great in life, I still fell back to my old habits due to the one thing that gives me access to anything I could've possibly ever imagined: the Internet.

    Any advice?

    And don't tell me to stop using Instagram and deactivate my account. I don't use it 24/7. I need it to contact people, for real. It's being on the computer all day being productive, then getting sidetracked.
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  2. MuscularSherlockHolmes

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    You need to learn to use your brains, and do what is the right thing for you. Like, you will always meet hot women in real life, and you can't blame them, if you keep relapsing after every encounter. Focus on what you can control and stick to it. After all, it's only you, and you only, who decides what are you going to do every single hour, every single day of your life. So, hold yourself accountable, analyse your mistakes and take steps to improve upon them.
  3. quit them. I deleted all social medias except for youtube, it is pointless and I think the society is sick
  4. Awedouble

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    The issue is our biological system and digital systems are very different in nature - plus the fact that they design a lot of the digital to be addictive doesn't help to say the least.

    Whether someone stays on social media is their decision, I will say though it does require a lot of self control and concentration. I believe a lot of us, not just people dealing with PMO but just in the general population has so little ability to concentrate now the entire standard across the board has become lower so it seems normal.

    I'm not that worried about you given this post and your signature, you obviously are aware this is an issue and want to work on it. What I will say is during the time that you are online it is helpful to be constantly aware of the mechanisms that are designed to keep you engaged. (for example the simple autoplay feature and binge watching, which I just posted about) The problem is they all use at least slightly different mechanisms, although many are the same.

    To address the title of your thread, specifically on NoFap I would say treating it as a presentation is precisely the way to go about it - which means preparation with quality information and delivery. It's like if we're publishing a book, we're not just going to type crap off the top of our heads. In general with the internet I think we've come to the point where we take it for granted that we can always have a big audience for what we have to say, but I know even when I read book reviews it sometimes irks me that someone writes crap that really tells you nothing about the book and amounts to little more than "I don't like it/the author." (and they don't know the author personally) If PMO addiction is a serious topic, it deserves our serious attention and a serious effort at contributing high quality posts. There will always be those who use platforms such as this to socialize for the sake of socialization, or it's more like 10% recovery and 90% socializing for them. We can flip that, and I think both the socialization and recovery will be more meaningful if that's the way we approach it.

    Practically speaking, that may mean taking more time to write or compose stuff offline, or think about it instead of replying or reading the next thing right away, when it's deeper.
  5. Burgundy_Outlier

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    With all due respect, I literally wrote to not mention any advice of deleting any social media platform. That's not my problem. I literally have an inactive Facebook account, and an Instagram account used to actually communicate with people. Yeah, I scroll down, but if I were to use the explore page, I'd use Pinterest. (And I use Pinterest for really great outfits.) My problem is when I'm actually being productive, then getting sidetracked.

    And yes, I agree, society is sick. Sometimes. Maybe most of the time? I tend to stick to optimism but in a realistic fashion.
  6. Burgundy_Outlier

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    I see what you mean with recovery and socialization.

    But to reply properly, I never thought of NoFap as a presentation. I'll be honest, the reason why I went 22 days on my last streak was that I was preparing and doing my projects, presentations, and studying for my finals. I was really active, and I fell because the urge hit me too hard, more than I expected in all of my streaks. I'll consider mentally (and physically) preparing myself for this streak.

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