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    Whenever you click a link on the Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or some other apps, they will open the link in their in-app browser. This has become a serious problem for me.

    I use this chatting app called Line to communicate with my friends and families on a daily basis. Line has a feature where you can post writings or pictures in your Timeline. It's basically like Facebook, but more oriented towards chatting. A month ago, I found out that I could access porn sites that were blocked by the website blocker app in my phone through Line.

    I've been using web blockers applications to make it harder for me to access porn. It worked pretty well, even though I could easily turn off the blocker if I wanted to. But most of the time I had a hard time trying to beat my meat.

    However, they only block the sites if I open them through browser apps like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. They WILL NOT block the sites if I open them through non-browser apps, like Line, since it's considered as a chatting app.

    That's where the problem started.

    I will usually write a porn website in my timeline, setting the privacy to 'Only Me', meaning nobody but me would be able to see the post. I will to click the link, opening the link in the built-in browser and start whacking off.

    It's definitely not as practical as a normal browser. I could only open one tab at a time, which is great since it prevents me from consuming too much porn. It's also a bit clunky. Sometimes the browser won't respond. Nonetheless, all 200+ sites that have been blocked by the blocker app are now accessible once more.

    I really hate this. It's a loophole. Not to mention that at the top right corner of the browser UI, there's a button that allows me to share the link to my friends. What if I accidentally pressed that button when I got too excited? My reputation: tarnished. Forever. Everyone will remember me as Dave the Porn Junkie. They will take screenshots of me sharing those links in the group chat and my life will be ruined.

    This also happened with Firefox Lite. Somehow Blocksite won't recognize it as a browser. It's also worse than Line since I could open multiple tabs at once. I could also install and uninstall the app in a few seconds since it doesn't take much storage space.

    I use AppBlock to block the browsers during certain times and BlockSite to block the porn sites. BlockSite won't work if I open any of the porn sites in non-browser apps. With the Line browser loophole increasingly becoming a serious streakbreaker, I will create a new command in AppBlock to block the Line app during certain times. But I could only block it for 10 minutes at most. This app is very important for me, since it's my primary source of communication in the internet. Uninstalling it is not an option. As for Firefox Lite, I haven't found a way to prevent myself from installing it in Google Play Store.

    What do you guys think I should do?
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    Ugh, I can set restrictions to web browsing on my phone, but if I hotspot to another device, there are no restrictions. I don’t know what to say to either of us! Just need the self control filter on.
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    "willpower2020 - 1 day". Don't get me wrong, I'm just having a laugh at myself, I can relate to the combination of this name and counter just too well. In my experience, willpower can boost you through short streaks and may be required in particularly difficult situations, but you need to play a more complex and strategic game to win in the long run. Surfing on willpower it's only a matter of time until the same runs dry and you are stuffed.

    I hope you get this the right way Willpower2020. I checked your profile first to make sure that you are just starting, since we all have to go through day 1, so you couldn't be doing any better right now! And man, I'm glad you are doing this, and have full confidence that you can overcome it to the end. Make it to the next year, like you said in the other post. We are counting on you.
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    I totally take it the right way :) and you’re completely right. Long term battles are completely different than a short push thru a struggle. I’ve been at this a while - but we are definitely pushing forward! Sounds like we both have the same approach to fighting this - we can do nothing without prayer. It looks like you joined us pretty recently? Good job on fighting it!

    Personally, I’ve literally never been a forward looking person. I was just at 30 days, and was getting to the motivation point - lots of energy to do various things. Then I got sick of always thinking sexually (I used to always be “relieved” by a wet dream) and lost my streak...and again...and...

    We can only look forward. This is dividing between me and God. How can someone think they are a serious Christian if they can’t control their own lust? Time to get off my high horse and live a day at a time, fighting this, living for God, seeking that He might guide.


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