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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by D . J ., Dec 23, 2016.

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    Start with whatever you can handle. Do it well and go from there.
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    Hi guys I'm new to this forum hope to see a lot of inspiring stories
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    So I came across this post and figured I would talk about my current situation with all of you and hoping to get some advice.. my fiancé is having issues with porn use and pornographic photos, he originally came to me telling me he had this problem and I told him I would help him through these struggles. He first came to me in the beginning of our relationship and I thought he had stopped but I found out he was still doing it for over a year and lying about it...He said he was too ashamed to let me know he fell back into fapping.. He then downloaded blocks on his phone, deleted certain social media apps seeing as there was outlets to fap through them.. recently i found out that he was fapping to news articles with women in them in the news app on the iPhone; once he deleted this he found another outlet to do it through the Etsy app. It seems that every time he finds a way to do it he takes advantage of it and it’s literally come down to him not being able to have pretty much anything on his phone. I tried stressing to him that doing more research about this and maybe coming to a site like this would help him a lot. He says he will and never does... I honestly feel like he’s still really ashamed of this and scared to come forward and seek some kind of help. He beats himself up daily about this and is very depressed about it. I’m trying to help him understand he can stop and get help; but he’s come to the point of saying “I’m a pos and that’s that” almost like he’s just accepted this as a part of who he is now. He’s been fapping almost 2-3 times a day at work he told me and this is a risk of him getting caught and fired. Last night he came to me and told me about the loophole he found through the Etsy app to fap and he ended up deleting it and putting a block to download or delete apps on his phone. We’ve looked through all the other apps on his phone and it doesn’t seem like there’s any other stuff he can use to fap. I’m just concerned with the desperate measures he’s taking to continue doing this. I’ve been very patient with him and I’m honestly just trying to help him, I don’t like seeing him like this and beating himself up everyday. Any thoughts?
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    Agree. Old style phone with no internet will help. Also no PC time. Cause addiction to porn comes from addiction to internet. In addict bootcamp he wont have internet access or only once a week under supervision.
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    He asked me for my help that’s why I was giving it to him. And I wasn’t actually looking at his phone I almost caught him in the act of doing it and I asked him how he was still doing it and he laid his phone on the bed and pointed to the Etsy app and told me to click on it and scroll down. Pretty much the same deal with the other times besides the first time... the first time he just pretty much told me he has a problem with doing it because I think he thought I suspected him to be doing it or something, who knows. He asked me to go through this stuff with him because he was nervous about finding another outlet to do it while at work. No I don’t feel it is my responsibility to help fix this issue but He obviously feels like he needs my support in this.
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    I'm on lesson 41 of this great article! So so helpful! I will continue reading and definitely will comeback to it like a tool box! Thank you Sir.
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    Thanks DJ for this great support.
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    Thanks DJ for this great support.
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    Top quality post man! Bookmarked for future reference.
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    Masturbation is soul suicide plain and simple, IME.
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    Avatar is cosmic. Reminds me of art to songs I have listened to on the Tube. The cosmos is majesty and wonder indeed.
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    Thanks very helpful @D.J
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    Incredible post and great insight. The addicted mind is very powerful and persuasive, much like a depressed mind. Anybody that has had clinical depression knows that when depressed, you literally believe things that are not true.

    I am hoping that NoFap will lighten my mood.
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    Good comparison. I very well know, indeed ....
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    wow this is a great list
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    Thank you very much for this. I will read this everytime i log in to this website

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