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  1. Hey guys, I'm in dire need of weight-losing / fitness tips. I'll provide a quick summary on my fitness journey and later ask a bunch of things. Feel free to skip the summary if it isn't relevant at all.

    When I was 14 years old I weighed over 100 kilograms (220 pounds). My mom and I went on the ketosis diet together and, over the course of 2 years, I managed to get my weight down to 78 kilograms (171 pounds). I was super proud of this but realised that this weight wasn't sustainable for me after I quit the diet and for a few years went snacking and did little exercise. I went on ketosis on and off to lose the weight I had gained back, and back and forth. Around this year, I weighed around 100 kilograms. This is the same weight as my starting weight but since I'm over 3 years older now and have become a lot taller, I did not look nearly as bad as I did. Plus, I was going to the gym three times a week from January till March and I felt pretty fucking good. I could wear M-sized clothing comfortably and it felt great. Fast-forward to now. I've been in quarantine since March and have honestly done at most 1 hour of exercise from March till now. I've been snacking a shit ton but last week really cut it down. I decided to bite the bullet and checked my weight today: 120 kilograms (264 pounds). I knew I had gained weight as I started getting 'fat on my back' and felt my muffintop get larger but JESUS was this bad. I'm proposing to do a bunch of things to lose this weight and look even slightly presentable for when school opens again. Here are my ideas, please suggest anything similar below.

    I've started doing 16/8 and it's honestly pretty easy. If you don't know what that is, you basically only eat for 8 hours, and fast for the 16. Personally, I start eating at 12 and stop eating at 8pm - I basically skip breakfast, usually have a sandwich for lunch and something my mom makes for dinner. In between, I might make myself another sandwich if I'm feeling really hungry. Is this a safe nutrition plan and will this work in help losing weight? If 16/8 is ultimately useless, I might drop it. I feel really good doing it though.

    For exercise, I'm planning to do at least 30 minutes of cardio every day and 20 minutes of weight lifting three times a week. I feel like I can definitely do 30 minutes of cardio per day since the treadmill is in front of our TV so I'll be able to focus on the show and just keep walking (maybe 1 mile per day?). I used to be able to do 1 hour of weight lifting because I was physically at the gym, but at home I'm so demotivated and zone out a lot easier. Do you guys think this is too much or too little, in regards to the cardio and the weight lifting respectively? Just to make sure you guys know, I'm primarily trying to lose all this fat I've built up in a healthy way (preferrably by August).

    If you're going to PM me, please DON'T make it sound like an AI written advertisement because I've had quite a few of those. Thanks for the help guys.
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    I think the 16/8 plan would work for you. Based on what you shared it seems to me that you have a slow metabolism and your body tends to store fat easily.

    I would recommend cutting out the sandwich and replace those meals with lean protein and greens.

    Also, can you go outside for walks? If so, try that first thing in the morning. If not, get on your treadmill first thing in the morning.

    Doing some resistance workouts 3 timesptimes week would be perfect. Say Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

    There are no shortage of at home workout videos on YouTube these days.

    Take it one day at a time. Be positive, believe you can do it and take action.

    I strongly recommend journaling with pen and paper. Create a vision of how you want to look and work on it daily.

    Sounds very much similar to strategies used to overcome PMO, doesn't it?

    Peace and remember, results come from work. Effort = Results.

    - Mark
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    A couple of thoughts:

    It sounds like you're on the right track with your diet. Intermittent fasting is good but makes it all the more important you eat enough and the right kinds of food in those 8 hours. The goal of eating isn't to not be hungry (there's plenty of garbage you can eat to accomplish that), it's to give your body what it needs in the way of everyday activity plus exercise. The most effective first thing you can do is to cut out all sugars that don't come naturally i.e. from fruit. No white sugar, nothing with high fructose corn syrup, no alcohol (assuming you currently drink). I was shocked how much weight I dropped quickly just by doing this.

    Exercise - to be blunt, 30 mins a day on a treadmill is worthless and 20 mins with weights isn't helping you that much either. It would be much better to reallocate your treadmill time to your weight workouts. I dropped 30 lbs doing nothing but making the dietary changes above and bodyweight workouts at home. Those workouts got my heart pumping but I did not do a step of running in any form that whole time. If you really feel you need cardio than look into high intensity interval training. I have seen a lot of guys plugging away on treadmills in my time and literally less than a handful of them have any better bodies than mine or what I would consider "good". Putting muscle on your body will help you lose fat a lot more effectively than hours a week on a treadmill.

    I dont know your height but at 265 lbs you're carrying at least 65 lbs of excess fat unless you're really tall. As a result, your estrogen is likely way too high and your testosterone too low. You need to get that back into balance. Do some research on T boosting and E blocking foods and build your diet around those. Hard exercise, preferably with heavy weights, will help too. There are videos and articles all over the internet on ways to NATURALLY build your T so spend some time on those.

    Good luck my friend!
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    Hi dogeatdog,

    I've used myfitnesspal app on my phone on and off for several years. I always lose weight when I consistently use it. The good part is that you can eat anything you want. But you quickly start changing your habits in order to meet your daily calorie goals. I also stop eating between 8pm and noon. It really helps meet the target. You can adjust to any calorie amount via choosing how much weight you want to lose each week. This helps in setting realistic goals.

    good luck,
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    Dude, your plan is really wonderful. I can recommend you only do not forget about muscle mass. I have not seen the info about strength training. Don't think that you want to have sagging skin. I already have some experience in this sphere and recommend you to combine strength trainings with SARM's, but always pay attention on quality. On you can find an article where to buy really good product) Think that everything will be fine)
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  6. Hello!

    How are your workouts going? Do you still stick to your plan? I'm asking because I think it's not the best one, but if it works for you my comments would be redundant.
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    Great, continue your schedule but also perform calisthenics to gain muscle mass. Even I'm kinda overweight for my age . I'm 15 ,6 feet and 80 kg which is close to overweight , try combining cardio and calisthenics . It's wonderful . I haven't decreased weight for some reason but I've decrease my body fat percentage.
  8. Leader of ME

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    Eat less calories, do consistent work .
    That simple .
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    I know how hard is to mantain the weightloss.
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    Same as you, I did anything possible to lose weight and keep it like that. Fasting, more water, more cardio, you name it. And the quarantine didn't help!! The weight came back in a minute jesus. I love snacking, I have a sweet tooth, so I get you. BUT what I did not do was CALORIE DEFICIT. You eat anything you like, but in moderation. Yes, you can drink dr. pepper every now and then, no problem. Just make sure you burn more calories then eat. Along what you've said, just do this calorie deficit, they are proven peptides review. Oh also you could add some protein supplements!! Protein intake is important when it comes to weightloss. Wish u the best and I am sure it'll work for you too!!
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    What he said right there. I’m not a fitness expert, but I know someone personally who in his teen was very chubby. He tried everything under the sun. Keto, IF, etc..., you name it. After all the trials and errors, this is his conclusion: Calories in vs Calories out. It’s that simple. Yes yes, we know that hormone and others can have a play as well, but at the end of the day, it’s still calories in vs calories out. And he’s very fit right now.

    Continue to exercise, cut down your calories intake and be consistent with it. Don’t rush. Just be consistent and make it a habit. You got to where you are not in one day by eating, but because of your habit of eating junk over the years.

    the person that I just mentioned, he’s not on any special diet... just eating normally but reduces calories consumption + lifting weights.
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    same honestly this app helps!
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    Sandwiches are something I would eat if I was bulking because they go down easy as fuck and they actually make you even more hungry so i'd try replacing those with something else if possible. Porridge is pretty filling.

    As it pertains to your workout regimen it looks fine.

    Honestly, losing weight is all about not overeating, and that's it.

    You can work out like a mad man for 7 days a week but if you're stuffing enough food down your throat you wont lose any weight.

    That said, working out every day and pushing yourself a little harder each day will put you on a great path mentally and you'll want to eat more healthy and put a cap on the portions so it's really a great advantage with all the mental and physical benefits that comes with it.

    Honestly, I can't believe how people deal with their lifes if they're not working out every day, and I'm not saying that "to look down" on someone. I'm saying that as a person who has been dealing with a lot of depression and anxiety and I know if I don't push myself every day in some capacity whether it's cardio or weights I will feel like shit.

    Set up goals for yourself. Sugar is a killer. Suger will make you hungry every time. Sugar will keep giving you urges. All. The. Time.

    So set a goal to not eat ANYTHING with sugar in it for 7 days. Then extend to 14 and so on. Soon you will notice that you barely have any cravings at all anymore.
  14. InTheWilderness

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    1. Someone mentioned sugar. I wholeheartedly agree with him on that. My sister put on a lot of weight because she added a lot of sugar into her diet and rarely active. So we told her to cut it down, and guess what? Her weight went down as well, and she’s not even working out. Just normal activities like cooking, cleaning the house, walking to and back from grocery stores etc...

    Sugar is really the killer here. I knew about it but switched to natural sugar such as maple syrup, banana etc... but still, it’s still sugar even if it’s healthy. The problem is that since you believe that it’s natural and more healthy, you might even have MORE OF IT! So here’s what you do: Reduce sugar as much as you can. And if you got to have some of it, take the natural kind from fruit or maple syrup but also don’t over consume it.

    2. Change your overall lifestyle. I’m very slim, even though sometimes I can eat like a pig. Why? I walk a lot. I don’t drive so that mean I use public transportation.

    If there’s a choice between walking up the stair or using the elevator / escalator, then go with the stair! I only use the elevator / escalator when I’m extremely exhausted and zoned out or when I’m late for an appointment or need to be there VERY EARLY. Most of the time I walk up the stairs while a bunch of people next to me use the escalator.

    3. Don’t eat after 7pm. I used to eat up to 10 or even 11pm and then shortly head off to bed afterward. And was wondering why I’m not seeing any progress. Now, I stop eating after 7pm, but in rare case when I have a busy day and couldn’t eat much during the day, then I will have some pass 7pm, but most of the time I avoid eating after 7pm. Also I’m not a junk food eater, all this is just habits that I develop.
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    Could you tell me some more information about it? Let’s talk in PM
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  17. Silver36

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    1. Research barefoot running.
    2. buy barefoot shoes
    3. keep doing 16/8 Intermittent fasting
    4. sleep >8 hours every night. Get your fat hormones in control
    5. wake up and without eating anything go for a run, run as long as you can(12-15 mins beginner is good enough). this is top ketogenesis.
    6. DO NOT CONSUME PROCESSED SUGAR. cut out chocolate and soda. You can have cookies/small chocolate now and then BUT NO SODA AT ALL. NO SODA. remember this
    7. Repeat and loose 2-3Kgs of pure fat /month.
    I would prefer you did this on carbs as its the natural way and it was the way which finally worked for me. But you can try it with a keto diet although I strongly believe Keto is not sustainable naturally and the moment you get off it you get all your fat back.

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