In how much time does the Founder of nofap must get 200k

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    Title (I know it's Alexander Rhodes)
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    If things keep progressing at this pace, he won't amass that much money even by the end of this year.

    As for a deadline, I'm not sure if one was ever mentioned.
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    I really hope he will.. that sucks.
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    Yeah, it won't get half way there. The people that use this resource are notoriously stingy for the most part. :(
  5. why does he need this? how is the porn industry attacking him?
  6. From defamation attacks and the constant slandering being done, so he filed a lawsuit but needs a lot of money to pay for it(which he doesn’t obviously have).
  7. Thank you for your question and concern.

    I'm very thankful that the community has raised almost $100,000 so far. Please keep it up - it is very important.

    The "deadline" isn't too urgent. But it is important to raise the money. You do not pay for 100% of your lawsuit up-front. You get legal bills every month, which gets billed to the law firm retainers which are being replenished by the funds garnered through the crowdfund. The monthly bill depends on what happens in court that month and completely depends on how many hours your lawyers spend working on the case.

    There isn't an exact answer since the "deadline" is basically the date of the trial, which the Court has not scheduled yet. The trial can be anywhere from a year to two years in the future, but really we do not know when the trial will be yet. This is an evolving situation without a clear cut deadline. Money contributed during any month throughout the litigation will be useful, which is why we'll likely keep the fund open throughout. Anything, even if we surpass our goal of $200,000, will still probably be used as there are just so many expenses associated with litigation. In the very unlikely event that there is extra money (very unlikely, unfortunately), anything would be donated to charity.

    No matter what, I'll be paying for this lawsuit, and if the community does not raise enough, I'll be paying "out of pocket." Therefore, every dollar is appreciated.

    Thank you. The minimum donation that the software accepts is just a dollar right now!
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  9. Hi Alexander,

    Is there any place we can get updates about the lawsuit besides this website?

    Btw, thanks so much for making this amazing website, it has been a cornerstone of my journey.


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