In ignorance the folks waste it daily

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    1952 In Yoga Bindu is Divinely Assimilated
    In ignorance the folks waste it daily,
    And destroyed by senses, in pain weep;
    If in wisdom, they conscious perform Yoga supreme,
    The Bindu disppears, divinely assimilated.

    1948 Conserve Bindu and Attain Siddhis
    If Bindu stands retained in body
    Life ebbs not;
    Great strength, energy, intelligence alert,
    Tapas, contemplation and Maunam (silent-ness)
    And siddhis enduring,
    --All these are attained,
    --If Bindu be conserved true

    1942 Sublimate Sex Act
    Embrace the damsel,
    Your five sense organs with her five conjoining;
    But, detached your passion for the woman be;
    Like the senses that are Godward sublimated
    Be calm; excited be not;
    Control your breath, senses and mind,
    Concentrated be your thought,
    Thus emit your Bindu

    1938 Waste Not Bindu
    He to lust a slave becomes,
    Will in constant fear be;
    His body deteriorates,
    And his life ebbs away;
    He will not Grace receive,
    And in Siva Yoga lasts not

    1937 Siva Yogi Sublimates Bindu
    Do not look at women
    Who intent on lust look at you;
    Away from them;
    Light the fire of Kundalini;
    Melt your heart in divine love;
    Uproot the evil desire that sight kindles;
    Fix it on the source of Primal Energy
    He who does it is verily the Siva Yogi

    Texts are used from Thirumantiram.
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