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In need of a place to track my problems.

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Spinmc3, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Spinmc3

    Spinmc3 Fapstronaut

    Hi. I continuosly delayed the fact that i have problems regarding masturbation and now I am finally getting a hold of myself and trying to fix it. A bit of info about me.
    I am 18 and I have been masturbating since I was 14. I masturbated twice a day for past couple years, sometimes even more than twice.
    I now have got couple problems which kind of got me scared about my future.
    I am uncircumsised and always masturbated "dry". Now, my penis is completely not sensitive. Literally, nothing is sensitive... I can get erect but its not rock hard, but I cant get erect without visuals.... I also realised - I dont feel many orgasms anymore and I did it almost like a chore .... I believe I am suffering from ejaculative anhedonia as of recently, I just ejaculate and dont feel any pleasure. I am a virgin too...
    I dont know what to do to try to reverse this, but I now feel like this is not reversible at all...
    My problems are - dry penis skin(i just got coconut oil to use as a moisturiser), no sensitivity(only after i ejaculate my head gets sensitive) and anhedonia....
    Please, suggest something that can help... I am currently starting nofap week and forcing myself from PMO.
    Please, give me some tips and advice....or is this permanment?
  2. D . J .

    D . J . Fapstronaut

    Welcome to NoFap where you are amongst friends who are here to encourage you and sometimes challenge you but not judge you.

    The enemy is here to steal, kill and destroy. Check out In Case You Didn't Know for strategies and tips which may help you along your journey.

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