In need of help and information for my problem with NoFap

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    Hi, I hope everyone is doing well and i wish every pmo addict to recover,
    I'm 19 years old, I struggled with Premature Ejaculation since i was 14. It was weird at that time for me because that's when i first time orgasmed in my whole life. I didn't knew what masturbation was at that time as the orgasm was accidentally reached. That's when i become to learn more about masturbation. I tried quitting hundreds of times, I developed social anxiety and lots of mental disorders. It really killed me internally. The last time i did NoFap was from March to December 2021 (9 months Nofap) the problem is i couldn't continue because of my premature ejaculation, I was so bothered and anxious about it to the point where i couldn't touch the foreskin area of my penis so i don't ejaculate and i was like that for months . So the question is how to deal with P.E .I'm in need of help and information from anyone who was like me or someone who has knowledge about sexual health. I need to deal with P.E so i can continue to NoFap for life peacefully.
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