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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Cdude, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Cdude

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    I need help with healthy habits to do when I'm thinking about porn. Basically distractions. This cycle of porn had torn me apart and I'm fucking tired of it. Anything from advice to encouragement is helpful. Please I'm only 15 years old and I want to start my life off right without porn.
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    I guess it depends on the urges .

    You can come to Nofap and read some posts.
    Not only is it a reminder for why you want to stop , but helping others around here helps you .

    Try to find something you like ... like if you like to draw , then go and immerse yourself in something big , at first your brain will try to convince you that PMO is more fun ... but once you start drawing , the urges will weaken .

    You can also try listening to a song you love , it won't stop these thoughts but it will give you enough power to overcome them.

    If you're losing yourself to these thoughts , well ... If I lose myself to these thoughts , I try to pinch myself , pain is my best distraction from urges .

    Now , no matter how strong the urges are or how impossible they seem to run away from , trust me , they will go away .

    I have relapsed so many times I've lost count , and I'll tell you this : It's SOOO not worth it.

    Stay strong . PMO doesn't control your life , you do . There's a much more exciting life waiting for you when you break that cycle .

    Good luck.
  3. nopanama

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    Running helps me. Anything that gets you out of the house and away form the computer is good, but running also helps to burn out the urges and make you feel good without relapsing.
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    I've pretty much cured myself of any urge to view porn. Ok, I occasionally get the urge to but all I have to do is think of what did the most to get me off of porn. That, my friend, was educating myself about the porn industry. If you visit you can read testimonials of former porn stars. They bring to light the horrible truth about the porn industry.

    Also you may want to watch this video as well:

    This isn't a magic bullet, as I said I still get the urge to watch porn from time to time but all I have to do is remember the stories and the urges go away. I am not going to say that this will work for everyone, but it worked for me so it might be worth trying.

    In summation, I have found that educating oneself about the truth of our glamorized porn industry is a strong defense against porn urges.

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