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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Deleted Account, Aug 4, 2021.

  1. I have had some little success lately like 1-2 week streak but it seems when these streaks get over i tend to fall into deep trenches of fap which hurts me too much. I am currently in one pf such hole had 1 week streak and now hav relapsed 3 times this month only .
    I need your help guyz
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    The only thing I can think to say is that if you don't stop you won't stop. Pay attention to the reasoning you use to end your steaks. You are probably having automatic thoughts which are just between conscious and unconscious like "I can't stand it!" (You can stand it. You won't die or be injured) "why bother continuing?" (Because you want to stop and you have to in order to be porn free) "I can't resist!" (You can resist because you've done so this far in the streak) and so on. Catch those thoughts that arise, write them down on paper and answer them with a reason why they aren't true or productive. You can stop. Stop telling yourself that you can't. You are not powerless over this.
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    All these problems are taken out of my head, although it is not even a problem to call it, since it has a solution.Take up any sport seriously,spend your energy on it,and you will simply not have the strength to think about it as a panacea anymore.The more you do something, the less time you will have to think about it.
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  4. Amin reason for me watching porn is boredom and being alone due to lockdown being in wffect when i am in solitude the secual thoughts tend to take over my mind
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    How are you doing brother. Look, it seems to me that you're in a lot of pain. Personally, I needed to get proper help. If you've spent a lot of time here and really tried a lot of things that don't seem to be working. There are some people who are utterly powerless over their addiction. I was one of them. I would really suggest giving sex and love addicts anonymous a try. I am a part of the fellowship, it saved my life. Otherwise I would have kept running around in circles on Nofap wondering why I can't stop. Some people need more help, and pushing yourself with more willpower, and beating yourself up is only going to help you fail faster. I would really suggest looking into it. If not that, I would suggest seeing a therapist. We need support and we really don't have to walk this journey alone. That being said, only you can change your life. Only you have the power to decide which road you will walk. If you need any more help, please send me a message.
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