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    At the moment I'm quite occupied with putting the methods of transmuting different sorts of sexual energy and urges as the subjective experiences that I have, into a formalized and readable way. Hence the delay.

    Shortly about that, I see 2 main parts with that in general, ways to prevent any relapses or thought binges, and in case it somehow already has started, to use ways to still stop as soon as possible. But don't take that as an encouragement to do it as long as you stop before climax, but it's still the best option in case it already started.

    Haven't you had one of those really long periods of abstinence in the past and wishing that it could be the same again? From the fact that you've achieved it before follows that it should be repeatable.

    Maybe you've never had a long streak before, but in either case it holds as an example to keep in mind.

    There must be one or more factors present nowadays that account for the blocking of the continuation of the streak. It are likely coping mechanisms to deal with emotions that make it seem like you have to fap no matter what.

    I remember myself having one of the greatest urges on a long streak and still be able to focus on reading, while not much later having short streaks for weeks and difficulty keeping thoughts away from unchaste things instead of important tasks.

    I later figured that in the above mentioned period, there was a combination of sleep deprivation, and each relapse or session of distractive thinking was preceded by worrying thoughts.

    Reminding yourself that it could be done before and therefore anytime again, is a powerful motivating thought.
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