In the verge of relapse. Help me.

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  1. So I've been heavily procrastinating my college work this past two weeks. Today I was successful in stopping myself when I found myself digging into sub-porn. I am now trying to do work as my anxiety builds and my mind asks for a quick release... Through PMO. It's as if I'm trying to convince myself that watching porn is okay since all my other friends in relationships are doing it.... Help me. Convince me otherwise so that my logic takes over and I makes the right decision.
  2. T S76

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    your amazing. your beautiful, there is nothing wrong with you. breathe. see the urge, feel it, then let it pass
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    When you get the urge, do this. Inhale deeply and exhale calmly. Count slowly till 10. If the urge didn't reduce, count as long as it goes. Do this each time the urge comes. Just make sure to not relapse in this one day. Tomorrow is a brand new day that's never been touched. Think of each day like this.
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    Bro if you feel the urge , run to your bathroom and take a cold shower , it will keep you cool for a while , meditate for control your thoughs , and for avoid wet dreams drink valerian root (well that works for me xd)
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  5. Thanks for your advice guys. I am now 11 days free and I honestly feel great. I actually read your recommendations when they were posted but haven't had the chance to sit down and write back. I really am thankful for your advice and motivation and it really helped me keep going during some hard times.
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