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  1. Maybe users should have an option to create a word list that gets censored, so users that get triggered by specific words can address those individually.
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  2. Yesodi

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    I personally do not view the use of such offensive words as triggers, but I do strongly agree that there is no place for threads that explicitly encourage others to submit their weirdest places to fap, their weirdest turn-ons, ... etc -- even if these are inside the "Offtopic" sub-forum!

    And while already on this topic, I've seen quite a few very offensive posts bashing certain ethnicities, nationalities, and/or political opinions. Although I am not against free-speech in general, IMHO such statements clearly violate the NoFap Rules.

    I very much hope that the soon-to-be-expanded NoFap moderation team will be able to better enforce these rules, for the good of the entire community here.
  3. Buzz Lightyear

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    As one rises from the bog of pornographic images and develops in the path of Nofap consciousness, one would hope to acquire a new-found sensitivity, taste, and refinement in the intelligent use of language.:rolleyes:
  4. I'm pretty sure I didn't get off on the weird locations. It was more of a "I wanted to fap and had no where else to go" kind of thing. Or I was too lazy to go somewhere else. Plus it was a LONG time ago when I was a lot younger. Trust me, I don't do that anymore. Thanks for your concern tho. (Not being sarcastic)

    I do apologize for the word usage in the tittle. "weirdest places you've fapped" would've been more appropriate. And Btw not one person on that thread said they were turned on by fapping in a weird location. I think some of you guys are overanazling the whole thing and to be fair I understand some of it but just try to look at it from another perspective. The first comment in the thread was from a respected moderater.

    Lol if I could change the tittle I would. :rolleyes:
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  5. Knight Solaire

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    You can, lol

    Also, I don't think the fact that a mod posted there makes it any less inappropriate
  6. JesusGreen

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    Ahh no those comments weren't directed at you as the OP, but at some of the people who may read/post in the topic and who may do so simply for sharing their own taboo kinks etc.

    I think most people are fine in that respect but I know locations are definitely a big kink for certain people so my point was - for the people where that's a case, it might be a bad idea to post about that. For everyone else it's fine, but if someone has a kink like that.. probably not a good idea to engage it. :p
  7. Buzz Lightyear

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    Freudian slip... I trust.:D
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    That looked more like a "share your embarrassing stories, you're not alone" thread to me.
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    when do you notice more female attention?

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