Increased penis sensitivity however no erection?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by shpetim132, Aug 19, 2020.

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    I'm in a very weird situation. I was PMOing consistently from 2009-2016. In 2016 I got my first girlfriend when I was 18 and realized I had severe PIED. After rewiring for maybe a month or so with her I started to experience semi erections again however after braking up with her that same year, I relapsed and it's been like that until 2020 where I cut down on porn a lot but kept MOing as usual, and now I am trying to get rid of MO as well since the 28th of July 2020. I have MO'd 3 times (3 streaks that lasted 5 days, 8 days and 13 days respectively). What I have come to notice in these streaks is my penis sensitivity is getting better, urges come and go, however I'm receiving no erections even though I've done away with porn for good since MAY 2020. Is this even normal? I'm a healthy guy but I'm now scared I have something more than severe PIED, as this is just strange that I am experiencing increasing penis sensitivity with no erection. Or does MO just mess up the reboot process?
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    Nofap since may.same question
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    Take this advice from someone who has walk the similar path. To regain sexual prowess you have to give it up first.

    I have severe PIED, gone through 2 sexless relationship and here i am at 160days no pmo. I have regain my morning wood. I seriously think that i can have sex with woman now (may require some rewiring) and not constantly worried about the functionality of my penis.

    Go visit a FEW urologists to make sure that there is no medical issues. If u dont have any underlying medical issues, TRUST me on this by abstaining you will regain your sexual ability. Yes, rewiring is important but u can put that aside first. Our mind has been thinking about sex and sex and sex for years, just let your mind and body rest for a few months and see how it goes.

    The last thing YOU and I want to think of is sex. Its all about UP there and not DOWN there.
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    This is good advice. It is possible for guys to have undiagnosed physical problems: hormone, thyroid, prolactin, etc. Get yourself physically cleared first. Then try and find out whether it is performance anxiety or not. Mental stress prevents erections in many cases. And you need to stay on the path as long as it takes.
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    To regain sexual powers u have to give it up first. Such a true advice.

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