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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Jmush123, Jun 3, 2019.

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    I'm not very addicted at all, I've done 70-90 days before, I got it in moderation right now, but I will NOpmo forever, so I can still use an accountability partner for this purpose aswell as to further enhance my growth. As an artist I'm usually in solitude and that's why it can be effective to partner up in this fashion. I have accumulated a lot of valuable life knowledge through these practices so I can help you out tremendously. For anyone who is serious or is atleast striving to be as serious, genuine, strong & full of life purpose despite dealing with a real addiction, message me and let's involve each other in this practice, not to obtain a seal of approval but to focus on our life missions. For me NOpmo is an entry level practice, like a tool every man should have access to. It's simple and easier than you think, be committed and don't let it get a hold of you. NOpmo shouldn't even be on your mind 24/7, you should be very focused on your life purposes by using sexual transmutation and be so busy with this that you don't even have time to think about your former addiction. Let's grow together
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    I believe in life purpose, no pmo forever, I also like to work alone, I'm pretty serious about it, pm me if you're interested.
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    Hey man, I am 17 in U.S. and looking to do No PMO seriously. I would like to have someone who is independent and young like I am, so you sound like a good fit. I have been trying for three years now and I’ve gotten up to two weeks, but never been able to stick to it. I would love to talk!

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