Initial relapses... Confidence breakdowns

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Puna, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. Puna

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    Hi,i am new to nofap, it's since a week I had been having relapses every couple of days, breaking down the emerging confidence.

    At times, we prepare to avoid PMO ,but land up eventually after a period of time doing the same, regardless of urges some time ,as if so habitual that become a ritual in boredom,loneliness etc etc.

    This habit made minds so sensitive towards things like real skin tones, presence of opposite sex person, etc that leads to fantasizing intimate scenes.

    Never seen brain washing like this,makes life monotonous and unptoductive. Happiness in small acts,things,gains lost forever.

    Even with this much understanding i feel this hard to quit, and keep relapsing ,why is so ! Being new can not be an excuse.

    But hopefully will conquer this quest, and will regain holds upon my brain and life as well....
  2. HybridOwl

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    Just remember that even though you've relapsed your average consumption per day, week, month is going down, and that overall is a win. Every time you fall back down you learn something new about what it takes to break free.
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  3. lamstronger

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    Find another way to give your brain the dopamine it craves. Instead of PMO'ing, do something like: working out, eating the foods you like, walking/jogging, completing your to do list.
  4. Haddock

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    Well, not really. If you do so you will just move to another addiction. The key is : your brain is addicted to porn but also to high amount of dopamine ! It is as if you wanted to eat chocolate instead of sugar ! However, it's important to stay busy to avoid the temptation of PMO.
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  5. lamstronger

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    True, but it's better. Also, a person can get addicted to anything tbh, if it makes them feel better.
  6. Haddock

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    Yes of course this is much better ! It is just that I don't want someone apply your first sentence with drugs :(
  7. lamstronger

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