Insane sex education in California

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  1. This is crazy, but old-school right-wing types were/are crazy too.

    I had this teacher who once shouted abuse at me and called me "retard" several times, in front of older kids. He wasn't left-wing.

    Fuck schools full stop.
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  2. brilliantidiot

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    Thats terrible but nothing compared to this stuff
  3. SuperFan

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    Childhood indoctrination is one of the hallmarks of tyranny. Look at ISIS, for crying out loud ... they've got 6-year olds on video, holding knives and talking about chopping the heads off of infidels.

    The progressive left has always been about flooding themselves into education, media, and law. Those are the three pillars where they can upend western civilization from within.

    If you think I'm wearing a tinfoil hat here, think again. What I've just described is part of Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals" agenda ... and Hillary Clinton wrote her damn college thesis on Alinsky's influence (I have her thesis for anyone who'd like to read it). In fact, Hillary said that her biggest disagreement with Alinksy was that he believed you could only change the system from the outside. She was determined to change it from within. Thank god that didn't happen.
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    Your votes don't matter. Republic or Democrat, they're just two sides of the same coin. There's a much higher force running the show behind the curtains.

  5. Son_of_Iroquois

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    Yet another reason to home-school.
  6. Kids should be taught about how bad porn is (hint - PIED).

    Then they will be very unlikely to develop an interest in any of that extreme stuff.

    I guess the motivation behind these Californians is to prevent people from trying extreme stuff in an unsafe way (as opposed to a relatively "safe" way).

    On second thoughts, they're just completely insane.
  7. Amen! I was homeschooled, and I'm very happy about it. I will definitely be homeschooling my kids, if I ever have any. Or if for some reason I can't, I will probably send them to the school my church runs, since I know they would be teaching them this kind of insane crap.
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    .... What in the flying fuck is wrong with people? Why the hell would somebody want to put that kind of stuff in a textbook for kids?
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    What the heck is "blood play?" I've never heard of such a thing and I'm 32 years old. They're going to teach that crap to high-schoolers? Wow. Just wow. These people are sick.
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    Were you being retarded?
  11. Uh, my last post was deleted but the other guy's wasn't?

    Fine, rise fellow retards!
  12. Yes I was, you normal person. Better leave it there.
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    If you actually want to know...
    It's essentially where one person cuts the other, or himself, during sexual acts. All consensual of course, so it must be "okay" right?
  14. thats disgusting... what are the left trying to prove by pushing this fucked up stuff on kids? maybe they are showing that they can do whatever the fuck they want, I cant believe some people actuely vote for/agree with these disgusting evil people
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    Sounds more like an instruction manual for biological warfare.
  16. Took the words right out of my mouth. Me and my three siblings were homeschooled. My parents realized just how retarded most school teachers were and how messed up school curriculums were becoming.

    I'll be doing the same to my kids. Public schools are nothing but havens for indoctrination now.
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  17. Dude, seriously. When I finally went to a public high school after being home schooled, I would literally have to come home and have my mom re-teach me the math lesson because my math teacher taught everything wrong. I would try to correct her during class, like "um... isnt it this way, not that way?" And she would say no. And then I would go home all confused because none of the equations would turn out right, and then my mom would teach me the lesson properly and I would find out I was right all along and my teacher was just a freaking dumbass.
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  18. This story. This story made me laugh out loud. Ah... here. Have a like for making me chuckle. :emoji_joy:

    And thus, this is one of my favorite quotes:

    "Self education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is."
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  20. I live there :/ and honestly I love living here, except for the politics. I'm kind of in favor of splitting the state, as long as San Fran goes with the bottom half, or else it's kind of pointless.
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