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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by AliveSpark, Jun 12, 2019.

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    I really cant feel any worse about this. I keep on relapsing after 2 days of abstaining. I really cant achieve anything and don't see anything motivate me. In other words, the addiction always takes control of my self control. I just feel some jealousy because of all these people who got rebooted and I just don't see me anywhere close to stop. Im 15 years old, I DO NOT want to waste this life phase in which is one of the greatest of your life just because of a stupid but strong as fuck addiction. I seriously need to take action now but I FUCKING CANT!!!!! I feel like Im trapped in an unbreakable cage. I have also thought on talking this with my parents, but I know that they will just get mad at me and don't believe in me anymore. I seriously want to me more social and have way more natural conversations with girls but this addiction wont let me. Again im afraid of wasting my teenage phase and having remember my whole life that I was an obsessive wanker and could never socialize. This is definitely not me but the addiction just keeps pushing me down. I need some serious help, ASAP.
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    Hello! You can find a lot of helpful resources on the forum, especially in success stories section. I think you are too focused on your problem with porn - start doing different things instead. You don't need to wait till the end of 90 day reboot to socialize a little, spend good time and do things you really enjoy :)
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    Study the success area of the forum daily internalize it!
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    Hi AliveSpark! I too am 16 years old and I too seriously think that the teenage phase shouldn't be destroyed by PMO. It's been an year since I have last PMOed, all due to the book "Hackbook: The Easypeasy Way". Just search this up and follow the link. Then you too will be free of this slavery like me!
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    Man, first of all, chill. You're 15 yo, which means two things. One, your hormones are all over the place and you are probably always horny AF. And second, you're starting this at a very young age which is freaking fantastic, you're 10 years ahead of me. I wish I was that lucky.

    There are many ways to focus on your goals, make a true commitment and start getting PMO out of your life for good (look them up, things like sleeping early, sleeping enough, waking up early, practicing sports, going to the gym, quitting sugar, quitting junk food, starting a journal, joining groups, accountability partners, porn blocking apps, etc). Don't try them one by one but all at the same time. That was my first mistake. You can also go through my content and read about all my relapses. I write down everything and analyse it to improve on it. It has been hard but I have been improving (I started doing PMO 5-10 days a week).

    You probably have a weak will just like me. Do things that take you out of your confort zone and strengthen your will. Martial arts, cold showers, public speaking, part time jobs, religion, etc. If you need anything just message me, I don't want you to end up like me trying to get rid of this in your 20's. You're not alone, remember that. But keep in mind that a real-life accountability partner, someone who you can talk in person will be much better than an online one.
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    Bro I really appreciate what you wrote. This gave me a jump of hope! If you are still on this problem, I really hope you can get out of this. As you said, we can keep in contact.
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