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    Oh yes, its a tough line to balance!
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    Bro! Your experience sounds to me like a guy who doesn't actually meet girls. It sounds like its a self defeating porn fantasy (peddle to get you ashamed, addicted and consuming)

    Honestly, I'll admit I am luck in a way. When I was 19 I had a girl I liked jump the gun on me as to kick start my sexual experiences. I'll tell you I am absolutely average in looks and in penis size. Really I'd say honestly I'm all 5's down the middle. And at that time I didn't really have much confidence at all. But you know what? Girls are people, they get horny, they get lonely and they will overlook a lot of "flaws"

    I've since had many relationships since then, many lasting into the 2+ year mark and I can tell you with nothing more than average endowment I've had girlfriends screaming, begging for more, etc. (I'll spare you guys the details here)

    So ask yourself why is that? Were they just faking it? Were they wishing I was bigger the whole time? Perhaps. But picture this: if you have a girl whose satisfying you in every way (intellectual, physically, socially), she cares about you, she's your perfect 10 are you REALLY going to be like "wawww I wish she was tighterrrr". When you run yourself through this scenario, or look at it from her perspective, do you really think she just cares about a big dick?

    The reality is you may get rejected for your dick. It's true. But you will also get rejected for a million other things. It's also true. But you will learn to deal with it, and realize rejection has no poor reflection upon you, and your value is still intact. You are still whole.

    I realize the temptation and fetish-izing of the magic of having a big dick. I really do. But you know what, not only is it not true it will cause you more pain the more you entertain the idea. So in my humble opinon is you need to stay the fuck away from porn, go out and have a good time, meet girls and realize they are real people too. They will get attracted to you sometimes even for just being yourself. That doesn't mean you get a get out of jail free card of improving yourself though. Many girls love a guy who works on himself, and dude, if you think playing classical music for a girl wouldn't get her wet bro I have to say you don't have a god damn clue haha. Just own it! You play it, you're into it. Act accordingly and get rid of this shame and she will love it as much as you do. Shame can only exist in secret.

    I hope you read this and really consider what we're saying here. You deserve the world and don't this fake reality you've constructed hold you back forever.
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    That's why you need to either find people that are interested in the same things you are or expand your interests.
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    Well said!!

    @Hardmode-Monk What we're telling you is absolute truth!! Don't act like women are "better" than you!! They're not! They're flawed humans just like you and me! Stop putting them on this unattainable pedestal. When you do that you you put yourself in a situation where nothing you do or who you are is good enough for them and that's not true. You are good enough. There is someone out there for you! You are still so young! Patience grasshopper!!
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    WTF? I don't like them because they are snobby. I am not as good as they are and they look down at me.
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    What the fuck are you talking about? :eek: He is talking about the individuals in the music conservatory of which he is a member. A conservatory is an institution where musicians are trained. Duh!
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    Yeah...i get it. I totally read it wrong..
    Just feel sorry for them; snobs are vapid.
    Look there! You're already better than them.
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    I hope I'm not crucified for misreading
    I'll repent tomorrow
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    Plus a lot of them werent interested in my frienship.

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    Ok guys, I seriously can't see the name of this thread in my alerts anymore without losing it.
    I'm bowing out now.
    Carry on, musicians.
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    Mmmm, maybe not to some women, but I'm sure there are lots who'd be into it. Playing classical music requires a lot of dedication and commitment, and it shows a refined taste, and those are all things that in my experience women seriously dig. Maybe you're just not hanging out with the right girls?
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    Some women (teens to 20s) do like classical music.
  13. Hardmode-Monk

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    Maybe. Not sure where to find the right women.

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