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  1. cpu59

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    i want to know your thoughts (and learn from your experience) on a question that made me relapse in the past more than once (before i found NoFap).
    if i'm not having physical/intimate relationship with girls due to some reason (tendency to keep to myself, long time addiction to pmo) and i'm trynig to quit pmo'ing,
    how can i know that when (being optimistic here) i will have such a relationship that i will be able to perform normaly in the bedroom (sorry for the blunt question)?
    thank you all in advance
  2. Headspace

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    You cannot know. No one who isn't in a relationship during his reboot knows. If you're worried about sexual disfunctionality talk about it with your future girlfriend in advance, before sleeping with her. Reboot now, and you will be able to tell her that you overcame this addiction. Other than that, just don't worry, relax and chances are that everything will be fine.
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    [Censoring my experience to avoid triggers]

    When I first started dating my ex girlfriend, we began 'fooling around' without sex. Then she encouraged me to stop PMO because it was hurting our relationship. Eventually, I stopped for a while and restarted PMO just before we started sleeping together. My performance was poor at first until I gave it up again - Then, I really won medals in the bedroom. It improved the way in which I treated her in any way you can think of.

    So for me, giving up PMO really made things a lot more exciting. Now - I just don't have sex altogether or PMO.
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    Only one way to find out my friend. Good luck my friend and remember the world is yours.

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