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    Hey guys my name is Jordan.

    I've had a hard time with Insomnia ever since I was little. Along with sleep paralysis as well which is no way fun to any matter. But to get straight to the point. I am having trouble right now with PMO before going to bed. Yes I do take some pretty strong sleeping medications. It's just hard for me to settle down and relax into a daze. Some times they don't even work..

    Lately I am Masturbating right before sleep because it calms my mind down and releases that hidden serotonin. My problem with porn right now is that I'm looking at cross dressing/shemale's even on cam sites. Which I think stayed in my brain from looking at porn over time and still gets a high from that kind? I'm still straight, it's just a difficult time right now for me to find a lady. But I'm just wondering if anybody has any helpful tips for PMOing before sleep? It's what I resort to if I'm having a hard night, but I really don't want to do it..
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    Kind of like an alcoholic taking a shot before bed to calm him/her self to go to sleep. Counterproductive.

    So, it would seem, what you really need is to find healthy "Stress Relievers" that help you sleep.

    A lot of people point out the benefits of Exercise....... limit caffeine to use in morning...... meditation......consistent work and sleep schedule ....etc.

    Make a list of tips/google it.
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    I've been meditating since I started NoFap and found that really helped me to sleep better. I downloaded the 'Calm' app which has a free 7 day trial. It's been pretty useful for me, maybe trying that out would help you too?
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    The problem is that you're looking at porn period.

    220woof671 listed some positive, proven things to do.

    I'd stay well clear of any sleeping medications. You don't need them and they're clearly not helping. I recommend reading "Why We Sleep" by Matthew Walker. The book highlights the importance of sleep and the danger of sleeping medications.
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    I've been dealing with sleep problems and pmoing before bedtime too. I would recommend not using caffeinated drinks in the morning.
    try doing a physical activity in the day such as working out or walking outside. (walking outside works for me). meditation before bedtime also helps too.
    Meditation does help to control your mind before getting the urge.
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    I agree with this statement very much.

    I started using valium for sleep at small doses for insomnia and now stopped it. The side effects are very nasty. Try to find natural solutions to your sleep issues the meds are terrible once you get used to them .
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    Practice breathing meditation at bedtime. Even if you have issues with sleep. Youll still feel well rested. Don't think about sleeping or forcing yourself to sleep. It will make it worse. Don't watch tv or anything on a lighted screen an hour before bed
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