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  1. This generation's excessive use of internet porn terrifies me. The constant influx of new bodies, new kinks, new faces and breasts and buttocks flashing on screens in an unending search for perfection and an ever-hotter sex object freaks me out beyond belief. I know what a guy does in his alone time isn't my business, but in the end what scares me is this: I can't compete with that.

    I'm human. I'm one person. I can't be edited or cropped or only shown at my best angle. I have stubble and creases and blemishes and veins, I'm not tanned and oiled and lubed up and prancing around in a thong all day. What I'm finding is that the young men I'm with, even the ones who claim I'm the most beautiful creature they've ever seen (and they do) aren't aroused by just me. I could get completely naked, sit on his lap, put my real hands on him and kiss him with real lips, and I'm still second best. I can't be opened in five tabs as a brunette and a redhead and with huge boobs and small ones and thinner and curvier and the rest. I'm stagnant, stationary, one being. And somehow that's not sexy.

    Women NEED NoFappers. We need to be sexy again. We need a guy who can look at his girlfriend, his fiancee, his wife, and find her attractive. I'm looking for that, and I hope I find it, because in the end, I can't settle for less. I can't waste my time trying to fix myself and deal with rejection and disappointment because he couldn't stay away from a hundred other, new, sexier girls. It's too heartbreaking.

    So thank you, each and every one of you, for doing what you're doing (or not doing, I should say). You're getting back to normal, you're standing up and saying to the world "Sex should be sexy! Men should want their women more than their computers!" You're giving me hope that I'm good enough, that it's okay for me to be who I am, and that I can have a normal and fulfilling sex life.

    If you're ever feeling weak, or considering going back to the cycle of bingeing and craving and self-loathing, stay strong for us girls. You're the Prince Charmings of the 21st century, because if he could have stayed home and pulled up "" she'd still be locked in that tower. You're a new breed of heroes, and I hope I can find someone like you to sweep me off my feet and mean it.

    Thank you.

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  2. Fapstroknot

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    This post gave me chills. What's even more convoluted is that girls probably watch more porn now than before the internet era also. So I really think it will become a generational problem. It doesn't surprise me at all that drugs like Viagra and Cialis are being sold like candy now.
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  3. Freedom

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    amazing, real and totally galvanizing. can't wait to show my gf this post. thanks.
  4. 07.23.13

    07.23.13 Guest

    This gives me hope. I have such a deep desire for a loving and committed relationship with a woman where sex is a natural by-product of the emotional intimacy we share.
  5. NoFapForYou!

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  6. Vster

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    One of the reasons I started this! Women are beautiful and they shouldn't be objectified. And sex is meant to be amazing and it shouldn't be as normal as masturbating.
  7. This is a really sad post, the fact that times have got like this, without us really realizing. It doesn't just affect us, it affects everybody around us. Confidence is inspirational, whether you give yourself confidence from NoFap, your friends by being someone they can look up to, or the woman in your life, who is confident in the knowledge that you find her sexy.

    My relationships have suffered in the past because of this, I intend not to let them again. This was a really good post, I thank the author for laying it bare, and telling the female side of the story so plainly. I will be sure reading this post again.
  8. suyash_4376

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    Thanks for the story. Never really thought about it from a women perspective. I guess I was too self-centred...
  9. Nate007

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    gave me chills, made me feel like I'm really doing something beautiful and right. ill print this off and read it when I'm feeling like relapsing, simply beautiful, thank you to whoever composed this!

    and i love the "sex should be sexy" part put a smile on my face
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  10. kaizensun

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    "Women NEED NoFappers.
    You're giving me hope that I'm good enough, that it's okay for me to be who I am"

    I like this ideas of making us feel like "heroes", not just doing it for ourselves and eventually thinking "Oh fapping is personal, no way it could affect others that much" But really having a sense of having something to fight for and now knowing how much effect it can really have on others and knowing exactly what we must fight against.
  11. LucaShrek

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    Thank you so much for posting this for us.
    Just read this beside my girlfriend. I looked at her and remembered why I'm going through all of this. I know she deserves all the respect and desire that I can offer, and I feel that I was not delivering it while I had porn in my life.
    I'll continue on this road, always having her in my mind. For those who don't have such a special person in your life yet, keep on it thinking that you are becoming a better person for your future partner.
  12. theweirdn8

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    Wow, such an amazing article.
  13. Finalfight123

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    I'll try to remember when the urges are unbearable or the withdrawals are to hard to take. Its nice to see that. It helps me remember why I am quitting. And she's right women, people deserve better I can be better they deserve that. Thanks for the article
  14. Mrea99

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    This is an outstanding and very eye opening post. Thank you!
  15. Time4aChange

    Time4aChange Fapstronaut

    Thank you for sharing this. I will be rereading this whenever I'm feeling tempted.

    This isn't a problem that only affects us. It affects women too (or whoever it is that we love or loves us).

    I have a sad feeling that as a generation this problem is going to get worse before it gets better.
  16. Cojax

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    Great post! I just really hope I will find a girl that do not watch porn herself someday. My ex is a heavy user herself and the sad part is that she dont seem to want to live without it. I wonder how many women out there that has given up and joined the men in watching porn instead, alone or with them, welcoming porn in bed.. These thoughts make me sad and frustrated.. It is truly a twisted wolrd we live in today my dear Fapstronaut friends!
  17. JegErFransk

    JegErFransk Fapstronaut

    Thanks a lot for this post! Must read!
  18. jpyahhh

    jpyahhh Fapstronaut

    Thank you so much. It helps me remember why I got started with getting better. I hurt the love of my life and probably have ruined it forever. I will be coming back to this post again and again to remind myself of the fact that this not only affects me but everyone around me.
  19. touchdownman87

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    I'm glad to hear that there are still people out there with integrity that don't want to give way to the culture of "Oh, everybody's doin it; it doesn't hurt you." Thank you so much for that story, as well; I really was glad you shared so we could get another pov in this journey we are all going through.
  20. Yo3232

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    This post shows the "junk food" nature of porn. A cheap version, easily accessible, that is instantly satisfying and unlike anything that resembles real food. The sad (or funny) thing about the women in porn is that my attraction to them is only through the porn itself. I'm speculating here but I think that my thoughts would be anything but sexual were I to see some of these same women in person, in a normal setting. The tragedy is that we as men keep choosing the cheap and tawdry online versions, when what we really want is real, beautiful, and deep women.
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