Instagram - A trigger?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by ss1111, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. ss1111

    ss1111 Fapstronaut

    I haven’t relapsed once in 90 days. I’ve only orgasmed a couple of times w a girl. Could Instagram be a reason why my progress has been slow? I used to look at pictures of hot women from time to time but not do anything down there not even touch. Is it still considered bad?
    In my opinion I feel like it has delayed my recovery because it’s looking at girls I can never get.
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  2. pump20

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    Turn the instagram off. Just turn it off meaning deleted the account and never go back ever again. That goes out for other social medias as well. It got quiet did it?
  3. Good topic. I completed a 90-day Hard-mode reboot on 31 Oct. I did not know about NoNutNovember and am still going strong. In relation to Instagram, the content is similar to porn as it fires the pleasure neural pathway for dopamine. I noticed that abstaining from porn I started to use Instagram as an alternative and when I actually looked at the data on my phone my increase in Intsagram was exponential. It is something I am addressing slowly by unliking all the posts over the past few months then I will start to unfollow accounts that have such images that I can easily become distracted by. But remember it is your journey and you do what you feel is necessary.
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  4. ss1111

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    Well I do agree w you here. I unfollowed all accounts that were triggering, and now I don’t come across any such posts. I feel better and I feel like now when I get something in real life it’ll be better!
  5. ss1111

    ss1111 Fapstronaut

    You are absolutely right, I did the same. Infact, Instagram was something I used to get it off to. The girls there especially. I unfollowed all of them and the triggering accounts and I feel much better.
  6. Agent

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    It really depends on what you search on instagram and goes in your feed / explore page, in my case i use it to like friends pictures and chat in DMs nothing much from there
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  7. Instagram can easily trigger PMO warriors.
    So does Facebook and news sites with their attention-grabbing pics. I recommend you avoid browsing aimlessly.
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  8. PowerOverMind

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    Definitely a trigger, maybe not initially but after a while when your stimulus response gets heightened it will trigger you.
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  9. I fap to IG pics more than porn
  10. Brenna29

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    Insta always a trigger, then I'm on to cam girls online. The women in lycra exercising etc, wow, just wow some of them. Feels sad saying this, but I won't get anywhere lying to anyone, especially myself! Nearly 1 day again, never had more than 6 days in recent months!
  11. ss1111

    ss1111 Fapstronaut

    I’ve unfollowed all the pages and accounts that trigger me. It’s only sports related accounts now that I follow.
    It definitely has helped me in my progress. I feel like I’m almost there.
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  12. A8X

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    Looking at hot women (on instagram or anywhere else) while recovering from porn addiction is like tasting beer while recovering from alcoholism. Why make it harder for yourself?
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  13. swissarmyknight

    swissarmyknight Fapstronaut

    Some people can handle Instagram, but I personally can't. I usually end up messing up because of the softer stuff rather than the hardcore. I deleted all of my social media accounts a few years ago and have felt a very big difference in my life.

    So I'd just give it a shot. Maybe delete the app for a while and see how you're feeling about your progress without it.
  14. Why do you even spend time on it? They spend a lot of money just to find ways to get you hooked. Just imagine all the time that you could have spent doing something more productive.
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  15. As a woman I know I have to stay away from looking at attractive men online and fantasizing, that will trigger me and that’s what got me into porn in the first place!
  16. The internet sucks us bored, lonely people in! It’s addictive for those of us that are lonely!
  17. Sounds like the typical excuses made up by the addicted brain to get the next shot of endorphin release.
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  18. SelfControlIsTheGoal

    SelfControlIsTheGoal Fapstronaut

    I deleted my twitter account, its easier this way bro

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