instagram = relapse ?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by vladimir19, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. vladimir19

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    Hello needed some help to know whether or not i have relapsed or ?

    Started nofap on may 3th so it's been 67 days, i've really experienced these pasts few days a transformation inside me, i'm turning into a man and ppls can feel it / see it / hear it
    SO i got back instagram and what happened is that i would watch big asses all day without even realising it, getting boner etc, this gave me huge sex visions and my libido would xplode, i would say
    ANd soooo yesterday i was desperate and watched 15 seconds of porn(no penetration), and almost jerk off without even touching myself (this scared the shit out of me i quickly jumped and just strated runing outside in paris) , so i just wanna know if this is a relapse or not, because to be honest since yesterday i can't stop thinkingabout alexis texas, but my power and strenght that i got from nofap is still there i can feel it

    helpp plss
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    If you intentionally watched porn then I would count it as one. I think many people here would to. But with any social media I got rid off. Instagram caused a relapse for me. So did Twitter. I even got rid of Snapchat because it’s the same thing as those two.
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    I still don't get why ppl waste their time with instagram, if you wanna check out a new beautiful picture then stay in front of a mirror and smile
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