Instant Gratification

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by PedroCalrissian, Mar 25, 2018.

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    PMO is a very intense & instant gratification. It's great in the moment but it comes with a lot of negative baggage if you keep it around. Realizing this is probably what led you to nofap in the first place. What some people might not notice is life is filled with instant pleasure or when they abstain from porn it's just replaced with other forms of instant pleasure. Whether it's aimlessly surfing the web, scrolling through social media, gaming for hours on end, eating junk food excessively, drinking all the time ..... Really none of these things are that harmful in moderation, but its a hard balance to find and requires a lot of self honesty. We should look to replace the time spent with these mindless activities with things that are more truly fulfilling. Pleasure turns to pain and pain turns to pleasure. I think what this is saying is that instant pleasure normally has it's downfalls and leaves you wanting more & more. Whereas activities that are more challenging and push you outside your comfort, may not fell great at the start, but in the end your left with something much more meaningful and satisfying. Is could be reading books, playing a new sport, eating healthier, cold showers, gym, writing code, or learning a language. It can be anything that has a learning curve and requires time to understand. There's endless things to learn and enjoy

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