Intact or Circumcised

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Intact or Circumcised

  1. Intact

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  2. Circumcised

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    Some of them are resolved by ordinary hygiene and the rest by using a condom during sex. Surgery is unnecessary.
  4. Kurapika

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    I know it's not necessary but why not if it has benefits?
    It's an extremely simple surgery.
  5. IGY

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    Because it is not natural. God designed, invented and created the penis. A new born baby boy is 'perfect' - so, why should we perform surgery on it?
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    In Islam we ordered to do so.Any way some new porn humans have serious diseases that need surgeries.This does mean that God wanted them to be born like that for a wise reason we can't know by our human minds.
  7. IGY

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    Yes, I understand you don't get any choice in the matter. Yes, if some babies have illnesses, that is different.
  8. @IGY What an interesting thread... I actually did a search for it because I was curious...

    My thoughts:
    Even when you take the "for religious reasons" - out of the equation, I am surprised to see the issues still argued so furiously but people still kinda miss the point.

    Shouldn't the argument be about it being a matter of choice? In most circumstances, circumcisions are usually done when the boy is very young, powerless in a decision forced upon him by his parents.... see what I'm getting at?

    If at any stage of a boys development, there is an issue, and say a doctor deems it necessary to perform a circumcision then sure you would do it... but doing it for no other valid reason before the individual is able to make the decision for himself (religious reasons included here) I think is barbaric and wrong. I mean why would anyone cut off a child's arm, because it might get broken or infected one day, or for an ancient religious custom that is irrelevant today? Sounds ridiculous doesn't it?

    The issue of hygiene especially in developed countries, honestly is a moo point... there are cheaper, more accessible, effective and less invasive ways of keeping a man's penis clean - or as someone else put it, saving lives. It's called soap, water and a condom.

    In the 80's Australia saw a dramatic shift in the number of circumcisions performed. I don't know the exact stats, but it went from something like 80% to 20-30% in the course of 5 to 10 years... now it is as low as 10% of males are routinely (meaning without medical cause) circumcised in their infancy/youth.... and I doubt that there is any direct correlation between these stats and an increase in diseases etc that people claim to be associated with fewer circumcisions.

    I am uncircumcised - I don't know any different, but have spoken at length with the very few mates I have that are circumcised, and they seem to enjoy their penises as much as I enjoy mine, but all did say they wished they were uncut "seems more fun" and "I could do with a bit more sensitivity".... I like mine the way it is, but I can't deny that I am not curious about what it would be like to be cut :)

    As for a correlation between it and PMO addiction PIED etc.... I don't think there is one although we will never know unless someone does a proper study on it.... but perhaps more likely to find a correlation between uncut/cut to specific techniques... lube/no lube, prone position, death grip etc...

    And to be clear - because I know from reading another thread, this appears to be quite a sensitive subject, I am not cut shaming. To me, a dick is a dick :) they all work in more or less the same way... What I am against is it being forced onto young boys otherwise unable to make the choice for themselves. In which case when you are, and after reading up on the pros and cons choose to be circumcised, then go for it :)
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    I'm not from the states, as far as I know almost no one here is circumcised.

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