Intentional Edging Routine?

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  1. Does anybody have an edging routine they practice for sexual health? How long do you do it for and how often?

    I've thought about adopting a routine where I would require myself to spend a certain amount of time edging each day for a month, but not letting myself ejaculate and wondered what that would do health wise.
  2. Edging always gave me blue balls... Which hurted like nothing else did! So, idk why would you recommend edging for health!!! There is no connection between these two.
  3. I've read a few articles that say it can give you better erections, and help you last longer, etc.
    I'm talking like 30 min a day, not a 6 hr session of fapping to porn lol.
    I know a lot of people are into semin retention, and increasing testosterone levels, so I was just wondering if anyone else has had thoughts along these lines.
  4. Nicko Stretch

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    I tried for a while. It helped me with self control when making love and to understand my body more.
    I tried really hard not to fantasise while doing it though. It did give me a real buzz . I stopped because I am trying to desexualise my thinking so I can focus on my relationship.
  5. Captain!

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    Edging is simply relapse.
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  6. I try not to edge. It either ends in a mess or blue balls

    Just got to stick to my routine and keep away from porn
  7. Imo it isn't healthy.
    I've read that edging depletes/causing problems with hormones and neurotransmitters,
    and elevates stress level, and may cause problems with prostate.

    Is this true? I don't know – but in my experience, i wouldn't do it in long-termly.
    Positively i suppose it can help with erections and with control of ejaculation.

    And ofc like been said, blue balls isn't comfortable situation :p
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  8. I tried it for a while a month or so ago. I was specifically trying to train myself for ejaculation control. It didn't help at all. Being with a woman is too different from a hand.

    Further, I felt that it was hurting my otherwise NoFap routine, in that my brain felt drowned in a fog. Maybe my method was too close to masturbation, but my sexual health and qi feel much better without edging.
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    Edging is a slippery slope as it can lead you back into excessive PMO routine.

    However that being said there are many articles and experts claiming the best cure to PE Is to edge for 30 minutes per day NOT USING PORN.

    Probably the best is to edge with a partner to improve your control but many do not have that luxury.

    If you already have PE abstaining only will definitely not fix that issue. It might even make it worse
  10. Well, I've tried it in the past. I was self conscious of how I would perform when I have sex, still am a little. Hard to tell whether it worked to make me last longer, cos I changed my mind about having sex and I would have nothing to compare it with anyways, but some research shows it helps. I definitely "lasted longer" solo though...

    Whether it's compatible with nofap is a tricky question. It depends. If your only issue is porn and you do it without porn, and don't do it compulsively for pleasure in excessive amounts, but simply as an exercise, I don't see where the problem would be. But some people here are also addicted to MO, not just porn, or MO is a porn trigger for them, so yea...
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  11. Irs really hard for me to get blue balls. I have to edge for a good four hours or more (this was many years ago), and then the next day my balls weould be sore, even if I ejaculated at the end.
  12. I'm hardmode so 1 stroke = relapse
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  13. Sc8r51o1n

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    I am starting to follow Ruwando vitality secrets method, so we will see.
    There is a way to move tension away from the groin, so that one prevents blue balls. (i have no idea what blue balls is, after 280 streak of nofap)
  14. pump20

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    You know what, yesterday I had pain in my testicles. Well, for me it's part of discipline meaning not touch myself and let it go away on its own. I'll get used to the pain. Also the pain helps me to reduce the sexual urges too. So for me, I would ignore it. LOL!!!
  15. Ajar

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    NoFap Defender

    From personal experience, you definitely will notice more energy. I did it for like a month(my first streak), every day short sequences are fine, but avoid more than 15-20 minutes, also avoid any complementary visual aid. For some reason when I did the visual aid, I just got more tired.

    The main problem was that It just creates more sexual thought in the head, and this IS NOT congruent with long term seminal retention. Either you will relapse while doing it, or you will get wet dreams. It also created a burning urge to want to engage in sexuality, like so much through my day. Our experiences overall might not be the same, but this is what I experienced. If you really want to enhance that sexual energy, say after a month, starting taking things to boost testosterone. hgh, ant inflammatory foods, the healthier your body is the more essence is created, this is true scientifically and even spiritually. Oo also working out is by far the strongest Jing booster in my experience. Even if just a light workout...The problem is, if your mind isnt continent enough from sexuality, in times of higher sexual energy, you might relapse. That's why after a relapse I wait like a week before taking any jing building supplements like zinc, magnesium, etc, and working out. Because I try not to keep getting trapped in that cycle. Although sometimes working out even after a relapse may ease overall stress...
  16. dankestmemes

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    Hello, I'm new here so maybe my theory was mentioned in another thread or just plain wrong. The last time I masturbated was right before a big job-related test. I didn't want any sexy thoughts while taking a serious test. But in my past experience, edging gave me a certain healthy aggression when interacting with people. Like I was more alpha male because I was hornier. I think edging should be paired with Kegels so it'll make your erections stronger and prevent premature ejaculation.

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  17. Ajar

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    Edging doesnt make you more alpha dude, and if you're getting sexy thoughts, maybe lay off the porn, even better lay off both. I'm not getting the correlation between horny and alpha, I'll admit. I also think, because your story is mildly vague, that aggression you're talking about was probably in your mind, or just your own experience, honeslty I've never experienced that before.
  18. dankestmemes

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    When I say aggression, I meant talking to girls more and being a little more aggressive on the mat. I'd also find myself showboating and posturing more. It's not immediately obvious but that's what it is.
  19. Dinesh The Survivor

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    You don't really have to edge to maintain a healthy sexual life. By letting your Tool to rest by not edging or fapping, you are letting your tool to balance the nerves ending of your tool that deals with sensation. Nofap will help in reducing the sensitivity of your dick's nerves so that you can last long in sexual act. In fact, it cures premature ejaculation. Time for the body to recover may vary from people to people. I don't know why the medical industry recommends edging in the first place.
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  20. dankestmemes

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    Who are the board members of the major medical associations, like the American Medical Association (AMA)? It really makes you think.

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