Intentional Edging Routine?

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    Read this:

    Short version: DO NOT EDGE ! EVER !

    Edging is really bad. Edging trains your body and mind to expect and to need prolonged, often very intense, stimulation in order to reach O. That level of mental and physical stimulation doesn't happen with PIV relations. Guess what: when you attempt PIV, your body and mind don't receive the kind of stimulation it needs to O, instead your body responds with PIED and DE. Not good.

    Edging does NOTHING good, so stop. Easier said than done, but it is certainly NOT impossible and very much worth every bit of effort required to stop this damaging activity.

    For more information about edging, have a look at:

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    Sounds like a good thing for somebody who's problem is not ED or DE, but who wants to last longer instead.
    Probably cos there are many studies done on this as well as tons of testimonials. It's been kinda proven to help against PE at least a little.
    First time I hear this. In my experience it's just the opposite; the longer I abstain the more sensitive I get.
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