Intercourse according to "factory defaults"

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    Hello. This is version 4 of a thread I have been writting for two weeks. Now I think I have find the way to express my ideas efficiently:

    We all are here rebooting. We stop watching porn, masturbating and (in some cases) we stop having sex during our reboot. After some time, we proceed to live a “healthy sex lifestyle” (which means periodical [therefore sterile] loving sex with a comitted partner).

    But, is this enough to reboot? Is this enough to reach the “factory defaults” state? Can we say that we will live according to “factory defaults” if we have a “healthy sex lifestyle”, and the only things discarded are porn and masturbation?

    I think the answer is no. We need to start doing less things regarding sex in order to live according to “factory defaults”. We are very far from reaching that state. We need to discard more unnecessary things. So, the question is: how we have to manage sex in order to live according to “factory defaults”?

    Let us say that all those who live according to “factory defaults” are called Homo Sapiens Sapiens Sapiens (in short, Sapiens 3.0). Let us analyze how Sapiens 3.0 manage intercourse. They divide it in four phases:

    Phase 0:

    In this phase, the woman check her menstrual cycle to find out which day of the month is more fertile. In the indicated day, she notifies her husband and they began phase 1.

    Phase 1:

    This phase consists of a preparation to the Phase 2. They hug and look in the eyes, they smell each other and kiss (not with tongue), until the woman is ready. Unlike sapiens 2.0, they don’t touch each other genitals in any way. Neither men touches the breast of their wives; Sapiens 3.0 females understand very well that their breast is the means by which they communicate with their children, establishing a great love bonding.

    Phase 2:

    This is the main intercourse. Here, the man proceeds to deposit his spermatozoas inside her vagina’s wife, in order that they get to the uterus, where they will met the ovum and they will try to enter on it. Sapiens 3.0 males position themselves on top of the woman (missionary position) like our biology demands. Unlike Sapiens 2.0, Sapiens 3.0 don’t use any other posture because they don’t seek in itself the superficial pleasure of sensorial estimulation: they seek only the real satisfaction that comes (from both of them) when the male ejaculates inside the female. Also, they differ in that Sapiens 3.0 don’t delay ejaculation unnecessarily: when the moment comes, they let life flow.

    Phase 3:

    This phase last about 30 minutes to 1 hour, in which time the woman elevate her hips in order that all the man’s fluid enter in her uterus, in order not to waste any of that essential fluid.

    Phase 4:

    This phase is like Phase 1, in which they again hug and show mutual love and affection until they fall sleep.

    So, that’s it. My opinion is that we have to do this in order to live according to “factory defaults”. We not only will live with more energy (thanks to semen retention) but also we will beget a better offspring: healthy, strong, wise and noble.


    1. If the only thing important is that males ejaculate, then what place do female orgasms have?

    My opinion is that the only pelvic contractions that are needed are the ones that helps the male to carry his sperm from his testicles to the urethra. I think that the so called "female orgasm" is not something that is there for helping in reproduction in any way. I will elaborate.

    If you examine what is needed to achieve “female orgasm” you will find that is almost absolutely necessary some clitoral stimulation. The clitoris is a vestigial penis (in the same way males have vestigial nipples), so we can deduce that the “female orgasm” is only a vestigial form of male orgasm.

    It is interesting to note that women who have orgasm feel the same things male feel after ejaculation, that is, a lessening of interest for the other partner; this is better explained by Marnia Robinson, who wrote Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow. Although she proposes couples to practice karezza, which is non-ejaculatory (therefore, unhealthy) and non-orgasmic intercourse, what she says about orgasms is very interesting.

    2. I think the way of having intercourse that you proposes is devoided of love?

    Quite the contrary. Sapiens 3.0 have loving, respectful and calm intercourse. The fact that is short doesn't mean that is a mechanichal act.

    Unlike Sapiens 2.0, Sapiens 3.0 don't see intercourse as the most important experience they can share with their partners. They give intercourse the place it has and nothing more. They have many other intimate experiences by which they build and consolidate their love bonding, for example: kissing (not with tongue), hugging for long periods, looking at the eyes, etc. All this while been fully clothed.

    3. I am rebooting, why do I need to know how to have intercourse according to "factory settings"?

    Everyone who is still rebooting (as I am) shouldn't reproduce. We should wait quite some time (more than the official 90 days). This is important in order to not to pass on our offspring our addiction.

    Yet, while rebooting this information is very helpful because it will make you think at long term and to have a bigger picture of the situation. Why am I rebooting? What is really the "factory defaults" state? What I will do after returning to it?

    4. I am rebooting while I am in a relationship. If I follow your advice and imitate Sapiens 3.0, how can I will be able to heal my relationship?

    As someone who is not rebooting in a relationship, I am maybe not the most indicated person to give this kind of advice. But I think that you should follow the way Sapiens 3.0 intimte in those periods they are not reproducing. What they do?
    As I said earlier, they hug for long periods, looking at the eyes, kissing and smelling, an so forth. It is like a loving meditation what they do.

    5. You say that the way Sapiens 3.0 manage intercourse helps man to have more energy thanks to semen retention. What about woman? They will not lose ovum in those periods they don't reproduce?

    Yes, if they don't reproduce, the woman will lose each month a ovum, which is a great lose of energy for the woman. What Sapiens 3.0 do in this regard? They make sure, before marrying, that they will able to reproduce many times during the reproductive time of the woman (which for humans if between 20 and 40 years old). In other words, the Sapiens 3.0 man makes sure that he would be able to maintain a large family.

    If not, their marriage wouldn't be according to "factory defaults". In this way of live, man practice semen retention and woman ovum retention.
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  2. I'm not sure I want to reproduce. I guess if I meet a woman that I love and she loves me back and she really wants to have kids I will have them, but I'm not desperate to reproduce.

    I think there's some people who should never have kids!

    I think before anyone has kids they should ask themselves why do they actually want kids. Most people don't stop and ask why. Many people have kids without dealing with their insecurities, and then they project all their insecurities onto their own kids, who in turn don't deal with their insecurities and then project in onto their own kids. It's an on going cycle and it will only end when single people deal with their own insecurities and heal from their pain before they have kids.

    Here's a good video on parenting:
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    It depresses me that I have to share air with such awful minded people. I'm disgusted.
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    @SpartanViking, it's people like you that are the reason I refuse to reproduce. I'd rather spend the rest of my days with the woman I love, making her feel satisfied in every possible way.
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    Likewise.... I just can't believe people with this rather un-evolved mindset exist...
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    Oh, also. The whole "wall of honor" thing is this dude putting himself on a pedestal and if everyone goes ahead and humours this bullshit it's just going to be ridiculous. He's either looking for an argument or genuinely believes he is of a higher level of authority or mindfulness than the rest of us and wants to spread this sick twisted mindset. Either way, not good. You'll just be egging it on.
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    I have updated the content of my original post to version 4. I think I have improved the way to express my ideas.

    Thank you for your support. I will continue working in order to communicate all these needed ideas.
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    I try to hit a random thread every day, just to broaden my mind. Sometimes it gets broadened a bit too much...

    On behalf of us Sapiens 1.0 numpties, can I just say: WTF?! :confused:o_O

    I think I better go lie down in a darkened room for a while.
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