Interested in girls, but don't know how to proceed

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by DBruhl, Apr 9, 2017.

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    I'm a smart but somewhat socially awkward Computer Science student from a college in the northeast US. I'm a 20 year old male from the us. I don't do porn but I do masturbate about once a day.

    Right now I'm a sophomore. I want to get into a long term, serious relationship with a girl. My goal is to keep it for an entire semester, maybe all of junior year.

    My goal is not a friend with benefits. I think I'd be okay with some light stuff, but no intercourse.

    Essentially, I want to know how to meet and talk to girls. Any help appreciated.
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    Make eye contact,then wait for her response.If u find her glancing at you,its a signal to proceed.Go talk to her,compliment,whatever..
  3. There's always tinder and bumble, but be careful on those. Other than that the only way is to go out of your way to talk with them. When I was in college I would talk with girls that I sat next to in class or when eating lunch. Sometimes I'd just go up to a girl and say something like "Hey, I hope this isn't awkward or too forward, but I think you're way cute. If you aren't seeing anyone I was thinking maybe we could go out sometime."

    But, just start small, just start saying hi or smiling at girls as you walk past them on campus. After you say hi in passing or smile to a few strangers I think you'll feel a little more comfortable asking girls out that you don't know.
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    1. Eye contact with a friendly smile.
    2. Approach (not too aggressively or with too much swagger).
    3. Compliment her and/or make a joke.
    5. Judge whether to proceed with asking her out. Don't feel obligated to ask her out just because you approached her. If the conversation didn't lead exactly where you wanted or you just weren't really digging her, move on.
    6. Ask for her number or to see her sometime or something like that. The whole, "You... me.... date tomorrow at 5." thing doesn't really work, lol.


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