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    I have been addicted to porn and abstained.. Addicted to sex and abstained.. Through out my entire 41 years. I do not think it healthy to completely abstain but as my health as has declined sex at this time and even masturbation is quite a task. Once I was getting so much inflammation in my testicles from abstaining from a healthy regular release it caused a whole treasure trove of health problems. That including Doctors Visits and Medications that created worse medical conditions than if I had just quickly gotten it over with. Some of my most healthy years sexually were with a regular partner with relatively no delay to release. Just healthy sexual function which I found good for anxiety and stress. Plus more closeness with my partner. When I lost that it was quite nerve wrecking as most my issues got worse or returned.

    Using alternatives like exercise or Video games..burying myself in work were not always helpful and could cause me more stress. Having an understanding and loving partner at the right times in my life would seem like the saving grace.

    I do believe a good deal of porn is degrading to women and unhealthy. It creates unrealistic sexual scenarios and corrupts one's point of view about sex and love. In fact I know it does. Such a complex topic...Interesting to find this one... Hope I'm accepted for sharing my 2 cents.
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  2. Hey Liam,
    You are definitely right with that.

    Welcome in the battle of rebooting!
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    Welcome to the site. You will find lot of like minded people

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