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  1. Mark_F

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    Just seen a post in another discussion group that got me wondering.

    How does PMO effect testosterone levels? Surely it has some effect with the balls being the provider or producer of our testosterone? Or am I musing aimlessly over something I'm totally clueless about?

    Can anyone shed any light?
  2. Angriff

    Angriff Fapstronaut

    Im not expert but from what i read before they used to say that the good way to increase testosterone levels naturally is to masturbate and that should do it.
    My experience is that statement above is RUBBISH. I think that anyone who tried NoFap for at least one month can see changes due to testosterone. Naturally i have small amount of chest hair almost none (as most of males in my family) but since i started NoFap i have them more. Its not that i like them but that is clear evidence that testosterone level is on higher level.
    And not only hair, it effects your muscles and you have other benefits from it.
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  3. aron

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    I agree with Angriff. Like him, I also noticed indirect evidence of increased testosterone. For example, I became more sexually aggressive, I would look girls into their eyes with strong powerful intent. Aggressiveness is usually associated with testosterone, and I haven't changed anything else in my lifestyle.

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