Intermittent Fasting, forever

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  1. If you eat a calorie surplus then you will gain weight. If your looking to lose fat you will need to restrict calories. At the end of the day the same rule applies to IF. Calories in vs calories out = weight lose or weight gain. IF is not an "eat all you want diet".
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    I've found that IF has far more benefits than just losing weight. Diet is a massive part of our daily lives and when we start to control and understand our hunger, and that we've been eating at the wrong times and more to something more natural, that had major impacts on my mind. It was like taking control over something I didn't even know was a problem - very similar stuff to people starting NoFap.

    So absolutely if you're trying to lose weight, then feel free to restrict your calorie intake a bit, though I wouldn't recommend going crazy on it because you're just get super hungry and end up breaking the fast after some time passes. For the longer term the aim is definitely to get your calorie intake back to the norm.

    Take things slowly, and even if you don't actually reduce your calorie intake, you'll still be burning off more calories by being active while in a fasted state in the mornings.
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    I love love love LOVE!! IF. Guys you have to try it for a few months.. whenever I go a two-three days not practicing IF i actually feel drained and then I think, "Oh, I didn't fast like I normally do." Then bingo, I do IF again and my energy levels return full force. It assists in natural HGH and manipulates insulin levels greatly.

    Also, when you search intermittent fasting online and on youtube these people telling you about it all have six packs and they aren't selling you a darn thing except to eat in a given window. If you are considering it, please do it. It is as powerful as nofap if used correctly.
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  4. This is what I started doing recently. I love IF but I had trouble getting passed two days of it. Since I've started the Keto diet, it has made it much easier because I feel fuller longer. My stomach looks flatter, and overall I just feel better.
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    Day 1 on Keto. Feeling tired but powering through.
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    I did IF a year ago and I did experience the benefits. However, the only problem was that I was losing weight, then my mom pleaded with me to give it up. I want to start once again....however the weight loss thing is the problem for me. I would eat quite a lot during the 8 hour window, eventhen lose weight. If anyone of can suggest a way to decrease my metabolism rate, then I can restart the practice.

    Also, the best video about IF is
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    Sometimes called the "warrior diet" once you get used to basically eating once a day it becomes normal.
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    I dig it and have trained my body to not really want to eat until later in the day. Unfortunately, sometimes I still eat crappy. Not daily but still too much.
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    I wouldn't suggest trying to slow down your metabolism, a high rate is healthy and shouldnt be despised - its a dream for lots of people.

    However, as you have a high rate, you do need to be more cautious than most people. Have a look into calorie dense foods - you want to be eating proteins and (non-processed) fats as these are rich in calories - these are things like beans, legumes, nuts (and nut butters). I'm meat and dairy free but obviously these are good sources of protein too.
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    i try to eat at 5-6 pm for dinner so that i have at least 12 hours of rest for my digestive apparat between dinner and breakfast, it helped me out tremendously.

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