Intermittent fasting helped with NoFap?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by JethroTull, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. JethroTull

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    Hi friends

    Just wondering if any form of fasting or diet control helped you rein in your addiction. Or did it make it worse?

  2. Awedouble

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    Yes, but I think it's part of keeping a consistent schedule. Some people just decide they will eat within a small window of so many hours, which may be a big jump for one thing (they may used to be eating over 12 hours to 6) and also not pay attention when they have the six hours, sometimes starting at 11, sometimes 9 etc. And they may snack randomly during the 6 hrs. This probably also because they don't pay attention to when they sleep, again counting hours instead of *when* they sleep. This is a robotic approach that doesn't understand we have a circadian rhythm and the success is going to be limited because of looking only at one factor.
  3. arkad1

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    For me, it make it worse.

    Nofap it's hard, i don't think that doing it with other hard things is going to make it easier...
  4. Dan-

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    I've experimented with Intermittent Fasting for more than a year now.

    I managed long periods with the 16-8 method successfully and it had no impact on my addiction. It didn't make it easier, it didn't make it worse.
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  5. Awedouble

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    If you change things gradually then that means you have to take more time and be patient, but it wouldn't be a shock to the system. If you're used to eating across 12 hours of the day, go to 10 and see how you do on that for a while, it's not complicated. Also just eating 3 meals instead of snacking throughout the day has benefits if you are used to eating throughout the day. Obviously what you eat matters too, last meal should have protein and fats to last you through the night. Without qualifying for specifics like this it doesn't say anything.
  6. Hoorak

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    I dont buy it . Eating every 12 hours will not affect the brain chemistry alot. Only if u eat junk food and alot of sugar and then change to something more healthy it would be a kind of improvment . Maybe if u obese it will help but thats it. People eat for centuries now all throughout the day ,so we should be fine with it. To add here that i was in a kind of intermittent fasting diet for months. I lost 6 kilos but the brain chemistry stayed the same, i wasnt fat, nor am i now. But it was mostly to less calorie input throughout the day . Or should i question why then do not doctors or psychologist recommend every patient with these disorders to go on this diet ??? With the praising and gloryifyng that i read here on nofap, it should make wonders. But i doubt it. Its like if u lack a certain kind of function in the brain , or some connectioms have gone the way they shouldnt and then u are gonna change it by putting in yourself food every 12 hours and then miracoulusly it will be fixed. I dont think so. Or it will affect it in a small way , but nothing like described here , beacuse it is not happening
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