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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Siegfried31, Jul 19, 2019.

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    Has anyone tried intermittent fasting ? I am using this way of eating since more than a month. It seems to be helpful in combatting the addiction. As I am addicted as well to sugar, when I managed to tame my cravings for sweets, I noticed that my sexual cravings are more manageable too. Like if forcing me to not eat for some longer period enabled me to resist other temptations better. Somehow it helped me in training my willpower. It is an effect of just one month, but seems significant enough. Plus I lost weight and feel more energetic using this eating regime. I use 16/8 protocol. I guess thanks to growth hormone secreted while fasting, and higher testosterone due to strength training I feel younger, and I have urges for real sex. It's strange to crave real sex after 10 years of not craving it almost at all. I eat a lot of calories in 8 hour window, and then I do not eat for 16 hours, including sleeping time.
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    Same here (although I've never had any addiction to sugar) I've been doing IF 16/8 for ages.. (before i even knew it was a thing..)
    I see friends or family, who I've not seen in a while.. and they comment 'Gee.. you're looking great'..
    Thanks for sharing @Siegfried31 :)
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    Yeah, I've been trying 16:8 too, though I slacked off for the last week-and-a-bit while I've been dealing with an ear infection. It's interesting that recovering from a porn addiction takes us into other areas where our newly found willpower might affect positive changes in our lives.
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    You may find this is just the eating aspect of timing everything, and the reason why it gives you willpower is because you need LESS of it since the food schedule is taken care of and more in line with natural processes. Why would you need willpower when it's operating naturally? Usually peoples understanding of willpower is to override something.

    So if this is the case, what if you also started timing other things so it requires minimum effort? How much willpower will that free up and what might you do with it?
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    Exactly, like gluttony or lust.

    The one I would really like to fix is procrastination. That's one focus this year.
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    I think it's important to understand the difference between timing of biological processes and .. well I guess we can call that stuff taking care of business. The business of life processes has a specific structure and isn't dependent on arbitrary deadlines set by whoever. It can support your mental and overall well being though and in that way it might just make you peaceful enough to tackle the other stuff that is subject to procrastination.
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    I really benefit from eating a breakfast rich in protein and fat. Like eggs. If I skip breakfast, I'm more likely to relapse or procrastinate.

    This could be because I have an overly neurotic personality type. Fasting heightens fight/flight response, which for some can be beneficial, it can motivate and energize, but I really struggle with handling that in a productive way.

    Sugar is poison, not good for anyone. Intermittent fasting can be great for a lot of people, but not for everybody.

    For someone wanting to try intermittent fasting, I would recommend being extra careful not to relapse.
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    I was thinking of experimenting with more protein. I tend to skip breakfast and have Huel for lunch, but I am extraordinarily tired in the afternoon. It's very hard to look attentive in boring afternoon meetings when I'm constantly nodding off.
  9. I fast for around 22 hours every single day.
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    @charly88 I wonder what do you usually eat in that timeframe? How do you feel?
  11. I start with a smoothie (bananas, berries, nuts and seeds), then I cook dinner (some grains or potatoes, vegetables and legumes) and if I'm still hungry then I eat some dried fruit, sweets or I make myself some dessert.

    When I'm busy I don't feel hungry at all but if I'm bored I constantly think of eating. I usually work out just before I break my fast, so around 4-5 pm. No performance problems at all. ;-)
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    As I get close to the 120 day mark I m about to start intermittent fasting 16:8 timeframe. With low carb and good proteins and fats. Is a way to practice self denial on the top of NoFap.

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