Internalizing Success and Keeping Desire at Bay

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  1. We must be humble. Humility is strength. Anger and frustration is a reaction of the lower emotions. We let our addictions win if it effects our calm. Never be caught off guard.

    Desire is on all sides of us, the left, the right, the front and especially behind, hiding and waiting for its time to strike. HOLD YOUR POSITION. Activity, organization, cleanliness, focus; these are the arrows in our quiver. Our guns are loaded with heavy artillery. Our ammunition is the pain we once held dear. Laugh at the enemy, never raise the white flag.

    As a group we remain strong, so your memory of us is the key. That means your never alone in this. This is the secret: by thinking of us, you distribute the energy of your pain, your unquenchable thirst. Since the battlefield is in your head, you must keep us there with it so we may suffocate and choke out the enemy. Thats what it means to give us your burden, we all can take some because we are strong as a unit.

    External success can only defend you so much, strength must be in your head. That is where real success lies, that is where habits are internalized and become a part of you. You think we can run and block desire forever? Desire is not outside of you. It lives within each one of us. To gain more power over it you must first visualize, and then internalize, success.

    Where are these external habits when the urge strikes? Exercise, new skills, cold showers, reading, writing, keeping busy, cleaning, cooking; all these things are habits outside of you. But where are they when your in the dark, alone, seeking that rush? The addiction strikes instantaneously from within you, there is no time for hesitation. Your going to have to depend on an internal strength, an internal capacity gained through training your willpower.

    The victory should start outside of yourself with good habits, but it must end within yourself. Then, and only then, can we say the war is over. The inside must eventually reflect the outside. They must both be in balance.

    I say this because I fight this very war with you, as you.
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    Great thing to notice, you are right. Thank you
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    Very good post, and I'm unfortunately a good example of a person not following its wisdom. I know all the theories about keeping busy and distracting myself from urges, but ultimately I fail to implement those strategies due to internal weakness.

    Thanks for identifying the problem in writing. It's much easier to work towards a solution when we know what the problem is!
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