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    Hello guys, i've been trying nofap for about 2 years from now.
    Last 3 months I relapsed about 10-15 times(M) and everytime I did it it was either P or just texting with girls.
    So, when I relapse to P I don't spend much time, so if ill try to say how much i've spent on P for the last 3 months it would be like 1-2 hours MAX.
    Does it count as a relapse? I mean, 1-2 hours ain't much, I guess.. is my brain healing if sometimes I watch P for just 2-3 min maybe twice a month?
    I'm trying to forget about it forever, and it's kinda easy for me. But sometimes I just want that rush when i'm super bored and super tired, but when I try to watch something I'm like wow wtf this is not interesting at all and switching it off.
  2. You're definitely slowing down your recovery but on the other hand it sounds like progress overall. If you're asking whether it's "ok" to just do it every once in awhile that's really a question only you can answer. From where I sit it sounds like you just want a justification for fapping to P every so often. It's certainly not helping you. But you've got to decide what you want in your life.
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