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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Alexander, Sep 28, 2016.

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  1. If you have any questions for Gary Wilson from Your Brain on Porn, please dump them in here. I'm interviewing Gary on-camera in approximately 12 hours.

    You might recognize him from his popular TEDx talk, The Great Porn Experiment.

  2. DBug

    DBug Fapstronaut

    Ask him what he would say when someone said to him "well, if it's such a problem how come I never heard of it before and I'm an urologist!" or to an addict "Oh come on there's no such thing as porn addiction. It's all in your head!"

    And let him now that for many of us who found out what their problem is through his website and videos it is impossible to put in words how much we are grateful for what he did and still does for us. Same for you Alex.

  3. tout ça pour ça

    tout ça pour ça Distinguished Fapstronaut

    hmm curious if he sees difference between porn brain and porn mind.
  4. Ask him:
    For the recovering addict, what how important is it to implement positive life changes such as good health habits and social interaction, in order to re-sensitise our brains to life's everyday pleasures, that porn addiction caused to become dull?

    Will we be able to watch or listen to the interview?
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  5. Tommy_0113

    Tommy_0113 Fapstronaut

    Can PIED be permanent? In young men.
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  6. Dr.NoFap

    Dr.NoFap Fapstronaut

    Why are males more addicted to porn than females?
  7. Ahero348

    Ahero348 Fapstronaut

    Why men were so easy to relapse?
  8. Andy_M

    Andy_M Fapstronaut

    When YBOP book will be published in Russian? I want to present it to my friends:)
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  9. GentleBreeze

    GentleBreeze Fapstronaut

    Is it possible to identify why some people become addicted to porn?
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  10. overclocked

    overclocked Fapstronaut

    What are your thoughts on sexual exhaustion?
  11. Captain Average

    Captain Average Fapstronaut

    My question is: What are some steps young rebooters introduced to High Speed Internet Porn can take to speed up the recovery process? Thank you Alexander.
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  12. Sam_ba

    Sam_ba Fapstronaut

    HI thanks for your work.
    At first, please thank him for his great site that has helpled so many of us to start with.

    If you think it's appropriate and useful could u ask him if we can help in translating the YBOP site or videos in our languages (French for ex), as there are very limited ressources in my language, but did not see any incentive in this direction. (We could ask the same question for NOfap)

    Thanks again, we do this together!!
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  13. IGY

    IGY Guest

    Thank you both - Gary and Alexander - for your efforts in porn recovery. You have changed my life!

    To Gary: Some guys attempt a 90-day challenge. But what is a realistic figure for someone to reboot from a high-speed internet porn addiction, and what are the significant factors in estimating this? Maybe, type of porn - extreme genres etc?

    Thanks again :)
  14. Jilloy

    Jilloy Guest

    Ask him if there is already hard evidence on permanent brain damange.

    Also how bad fantasizing actually is for an addict.

    Ask him if surpressing other urges, like chocolate and or coffee helps with rebooting faster.

    Also if there is a way to active rewire brain pathways rather than let's the old ones fade out.
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  15. Anona

    Anona Fapstronaut

    From an SO. Can you please ask him if there have been made any studies related to PA on blood levels of lacking something ? In "The Orthomolecular Treatment of Chronic Disease" (great book) There is an logic road how to treat substance abuse/addiction, but unfortunately not so much about this new addiction to visual stimuli (porn) So is there any Claus Jungeblut, Frederick Klenner ore Abram Hoffer who have found a workable treatment I have missed out on ? Apart from that, a big thank you to Gary from us Sos, you are doing a fantastic effort in getting this huge problem out in the light.
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  16. PieLover

    PieLover Fapstronaut

    Ask him, how some people can have porn and healthy sex in their lives while others can't?
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  17. haijulikani.s

    haijulikani.s Fapstronaut

    I would like to ask about sex education, when, what and who should talk about this with kids? from what age?
    I heard in Canada they have some some sex education program forced by politics, education minister, to Grade 1 to 5 kids?!
    At first I thought it is stupid, but then - I don't know. Should we count only on consciousness of parents? I guess we all have been raised with parents knowing whats best for us...

    How can we protect them from the same thing as we all are struggling here? or just how to make them strong enough to pick better priorities in life?
  18. Thanks for taking the initiative on behalf of all of us. I would surely like you to ask him What steps can middle and high school students take to avoid porn in-spite of having net connection and no one to bother what you're doing alone in the computer room?
    I'm one of the high school guys, so his reply might be of great value to me and many who're in my level and struggling with the same problem.
    Thanks again, Alexander!
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  19. Xlr8r

    Xlr8r Fapstronaut

    PLEASE ask how many days will it take to cure premature ejaculation after stopping to watch porn and masturbate for a guy who has been into it for the past 8 years...
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  20. Ikindaknew

    Ikindaknew Fapstronaut

    Not a question but make sure you underline that his TED video is a reference on here and his work made a big difference for a lot of people on here.
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