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  1. First and for most thank you Gary for everything you've done, you and your wife! True pioneers.
    I got a lot of questions..
    First, I'm just curious how often do people stop him for pictures or maybe possibly autographs? And how often do ppl notice him from that famous Ted talk video? Also, if he could do the Ted talk again in 2016 would he add anything more?
    And, Gary, if you had a dollar for every time you said the word "dopamine" how rich would you be?

    Oh and this might be a weird question to ask but who are some of your favourite music artists? Asking b/c I'm a fan of his radio show "Your brain in the cybersex jungle" that he used to do. (thank you for not deleting those audio episodes on your site) and I love the songs he would play in the show.
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  2. wally_s

    wally_s Fapstronaut

    "The Great Porn Experiment" lecture video woke me up and started me on this path toward recovery. Many, many thanks to Gary. His presentation changed my life forever and I am so grateful!
  3. lean black-bean

    lean black-bean Fapstronaut

    Hi Alex! Can you ask him if he has any thoughts on semen retention specifically? Perhaps what some of the benefits maybe, or observations from past generations who had the instinctual drive to mind a mate to survive rather than fap for pleasure. Or if it's really a worthy pursuit. Some people think the body wasn't intended for intermittent orgasms and that living that lifestyle is aging us
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  4. Blurasta

    Blurasta Fapstronaut

    Ask him if its possible to admit you have a porn addiction, but at the same time simply accept it and also lead a normal life, assuming your partner doesn't mind if you have one.

    Also ask why our brains go blank after orgasming to porn and we often leave out tons of incriminating evidence.
  5. CLAW66

    CLAW66 Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    You have the same profile picture as me. I wish I had your stats....:)
  6. Awakeatlast

    Awakeatlast Fapstronaut

    Ok my question is when we give up p and m and we become super hyper sexually sensitive to females what can we do to release that energy when don't have the option of sex like when my wife is cycling . Holding a caressing my wife seem to help as well as stroking her hair and holding her hand. Also how can we deal with adult separation anxiety when p and m is no longer a option to relieve this stress . I have many techniques but was wondering If Dr.Gary Wilson had any thing new to add to my tool box to keep my self control in check as far as being a super horn dog as well as needy . Thank you . BTY thank you Gary, your research is well regarded on this forum and has helped me understand my addiction and woke me up to the notion that watching p and m is not ok .
  7. "In your TED talk and related material you mostly focus on the role of dopamine in porn addiction. What function does the opioid system play in the reward system, the pleasure response, and porn addiction as a whole?"

    "What are some fail-safe ways to push through intense urges and prevent yourself from resetting?"

    "The published peer-reviewed literature on the effects of consuming pornography is compelling, but small. What kind of research would you like to see more of in the future?"
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  8. CaptinCaveMan

    CaptinCaveMan Fapstronaut

    Cure vs. Incurable.
    Numbers get tossed out all the time (30, 60, 90 days) but for some this could be a life long problem. Which seems to suggest there might be underlying problem(s). What underlying problem(s) need to be addressed to help with a cure? Medical, religious, psychological, and/or social models? Are people cured? Is this incurable?

    Porn Addiction vs. Depression (mental Illness)
    Abstaining from porn for how long before treating the depression and/or mental illness? Medication or no medication? If yes on medication have any been researched? Serotonin re-uptake (SSRI's), anxiety medication, etc.? Are their any medication that are not addictive but do help with pmo and have no long term adverse affects? Example: Alcoholics take Antabuse and it makes them feel like they want to die if they drink alcohol. Are their medication that would lower ones arousal without making one depressed and/or suicidal?

    Symptom vs. Primary Problem
    It's easy for me to see a behavioral problem but are we treating a symptom or the primary problem? What is the treatment for this addiction or plan/future treatment? Nofap is one resource. Treatment centers? How do we socialize that? People that pmo wouldn't want to be grouped with criminal behavior; aka sex offenders. Will this be something insurance companies cover?

    Biological, Psychological, And Social Disease
    Abstaining from pmo would seem to help with the Biological and psychological. What plan is being worked on to help deal with the socialization on pmo and nofap? There are a lot of taboos around this issue or disease.

    Progression vs. No progression
    Are we seeing research of individuals getting worse as they pmo longer? How does their behavior change over time if untreated? Are people who pmo subject to progress to criminal and/or more aggressive behavior later in life?

    These are just a few question that may have been answered. Nofap can reorganize the questions so that they are more presentable and/or easier/faster to read.

    Thanks for letting me ask a couple question.

    Have a good one.
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  9. Hello Gary and Alex, thank you both for all of your hard work and support, it has helped so many with this emerging issue.

    My question is about brain chemistry and the future. As dopamine plays roles in other functions such as movement, and dopamine regulation has a significant effect on conditions such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, is there any research or forecasting to show any effects later in life that may be related to excessive pornography usage and/or masturbation? As part of the generation brought up with high speed internet access through adolescence, can we expect to see any change in the occurrence of conditions such as these?

    Thanks again
  10. Your 'want to fap? click here'-URL is an amazing post!
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  11. F50C137YZ

    F50C137YZ Fapstronaut

    Gary, how would you say that pornography has affected modern courting and relationships?

    Would you say that a large portion of the population expects a much more "hot and heavy" approach due to the influence of porn in our culture?

    Personally, I am a porn addict of 18 years. However, my family taught me to be very traditional and polite when dating. When I have tried to date, the women have always said that they only see me as a friend.

    Could porn have had the opposite effect on me? Could it have so stripped me of my normal sexuality that the women I have dated can't sense any intention from me or something?

    Now that I stopped PMO, I have noticed that I feel much more sexual energy in myself around the opposite sex.

    Anyway, I guess my real question is:

    Is it possible that some people become oversexualized by porn and others become undersexualized to the point of almost being "asexual"?
  12. Gary is a legend. I have read his book many many times so firstly a huge thank you to him.

    Question is: does he think that porn addiction will ever be included in the DSM IV? I wonder if the panel that writes it has ever consulted him about porn addiction?

  13. HopeFaith

    HopeFaith Fapstronaut

    I had the same symptoms PMO addicts have although I only MOd compulsively. I believe most physical symptoms are caused by my the MO, is it true? I think P causes similar symptoms as games, tv and Internet addictions.
  14. TheWannabe

    TheWannabe Fapstronaut

    Ask him if he thinks that reduced porn use could significantly improve brain functions.
  15. Frenglish

    Frenglish Fapstronaut

    Im wondering what kind of things can a recovering porn addict learn from a recovering drug addict? Also, what of things can a porn addict do to recover that are similar to a recovering drug addict?
  16. clarknielsen

    clarknielsen Fapstronaut

    Thank you both:)
    I am not sure if these questions are appropriate, but here they are:
    Did you face the sexual compulsion (porn addiction) personally? How did you cure yourself?

    Is the interview live on Youtube? Will you share the interview video with us?
  17. Nick91

    Nick91 New Fapstronaut

    Hi, first of all thank you two for doing this !

    - My question: if one has developed unhealthy fetishes through porn (fantasies that can only be satisfied through porn), is it even possible to get rid of them and rewire the brain after almost 10 years of watching porn.

    ( examples: - "big cock sex", if one hasn't a big dick
    - bondage, rough sex, etc. which is unlikely to happen in real life )

    Thanks !
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  18. jeffersondavepinoy

    jeffersondavepinoy Fapstronaut

    Ask him⬇

    How to control our sexual urges because in some case porn is not a problem the real problem is our sexual urges we don't know how to manage it properly
  19. Leelo

    Leelo Fapstronaut

    Is there a problem with mtual masterbation with my wife especially during the 90 nophap period. Trying to regain intimacy with my wife and she prefers orgasm manually? Thanks
  20. Ectoplasm

    Ectoplasm Fapstronaut

    Ask him how dangerous does he think porn is becoming especially with increasing resolution and soon full-on virtual reality. Is it a epidemic that could destroy humanity, stunt humanities spiritual and intellectual growth or is it simpily just a bad habit like smoking cigarettes?
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